My niece thinks she’s the princess. She’s right.

Yesterday was my niece’s first birthday. And it was special. It was special because I happen to like her a lot. I also helped her bring into this world. Totally happened read about it here, also Twitter helped. So I guess I felt like it was a celebration of me because I’m her godmother also, and because why the he’ll not.

In all seriousness, my sister and her husband are doing a great job in raising her. I mean the child is alive, so obviously. Also, she is one happy baby. This part is a coincidence? But she’s our only child in the family and we spoil her profusely. She will grow up to be thankful and respectful of her elders, or she’ll grown up into a brat. You can never tell with kids. I guess it’s a gamble we’re willing to take.

But yesterday we had a modest celebration, of roughly 100 people present. I am exaggerating, of course, but we did have a good turn out of guests. Which is great and probably means they like our family, or want something from us. Either way, it was cool of them to show up.

Now about the event. My sister hired entertainment professionals, and they were great. We had a DJ with a huge Chanel sticker on his laptop, a young beautiful hostess lady wearing a dark lipstick, for some reason, and a certain sweaty someone in a costume of, what I assume, was an oversized chipmunk. I mean it was bonkers. Also, I know for a fact person in a costume was sweaty because I went to take a picture with it/her/him? How could you not. Then they had all sorts of contests, games, and dance off routines for the kids, and the kids were going nuts. I guess that qualifies as success.

After the kids were all happy and worn out, adult part of the event kicked in. Which mostly meant now the adults were having dance offs. Not to brag but my family knows how to party. I guess that explains a lot about myself. And it was just an all around good day. I think we should start a business and be like a party family for hire. Want to have good times, but still feel the comfort of approval from your parents? We’re the ones to call.

Anyhow, I do dedicate this post to my lovely niece. That is lovely for now, and keeping my fingers crossed she turns out ok. And healthy and happy. But also ok.

She thinks she’s the princess. She’s right.


Photo credit @twisted_mind

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2 thoughts on “My niece thinks she’s the princess. She’s right.

  1. Happy birthday to your niece. May she continue to be happy and spoiled.
    However I’m disappointed you didn’t share a picture of the sweaty chipmunk.
    Fortunately it only takes a single letter to change a sweaty chipmunk into a sweary chipmunk, which sounds hilariously inappropriate for a 1-year old’s birthday party but great for adult dance offs.
    Christopher recently posted…Someone Else’s Two Cents.My Profile

    1. I was totally going to share picture of me with the chipmunk, but I didn’t come out good in it so…

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