Mother’s day and a freaking rainbow

I’m in a slightly better mood starting this week, slightly being an exaggeration. But weekends do seem to make things more tolerable for a few hours. And then you catch yourself deleting emails without reading them, totally happened today.

But this weekend was relatively good, albeit busy with activities. I finished a small painting for a friend visiting from another country. And she was leaving on Sunday so I felt obligated. And it came out pretty good, but I forgot to take a picture of it. So you’ll just have to take my word for it. Also now supposedly my work will be hanging in Lithuania, and I’ll be damned if my ego isn’t doing a slight grin at that.

Then on Saturday, I was teaching my significant other and his son how to play poker. Turns out I’m the only experienced gambler in the family. And I wouldn’t just let these people live their life without picking up a bad habit or two. Also, I do think poker is a great game of math, logistics, psychology, and just an overall great adrenalin rush. Also, I’m probably not the best role model for children.

Speaking of, we had to do some Target shopping, and I found myself stuck in the toys section. Literally. I’m almost 30, people.

But Sunday was mother’s day, and I spent it with my family and my mom, and it was surprisingly peaceful. If you knew my family, you’d do a standing ovation. But it was nice. And even a freaking rainbow showed up. Do note, taking a selfie with a background rainbow is technologically impossible.

What the hell technology? I want a rainbow and my face.

Also, organizing a classy dinner with take out is fairly easy.

Martha Stewart got nothing on us.

And I actually got my own mother’s day congratulatory in a form of my significant other’s daughter. She said ‘I almost love you’. And that shit was emotional so I said ‘I almost thank you’. I didn’t say I love you back because that would be too obvious.

Hope your holiday was great.


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