MoMA PS1 – Not your typical Friday night

Call me the events goer. Because I’ll be telling about yet another artsy thing I attended. This one was in Queens. We seem to be covering NYC geography from all angles so far. Except for Bronx, don’t expect to be reading anything about that part of the jungle any time soon. Maybe the Bronx Zoo. That is, in case I somehow decide to partake in the illicit drugs consumption and travel two hours to see momma bear.

So what sort of amazing thing you went to again, you ask? This was a ‘Night at the Museum’ at MoMA PS1. Not to be confused with regular MoMA that is located in Manhattan and is known by all, more or less educated people. This is actually a completely, physically unrelated building located in Long Island City, which in return regardless of the name Long Island is located in Queens. I’m not doing this on purpose, I swear. So after some frustration as to where and why and what is happening and how we get there, we got there. By the way, it wasn’t actually a night night event. It was an evening at the museum form 9pm-12pm. There, another non-logical piece to this story.

Anyhow, once there you guessed it – we stood in some lines. Stay hopeful. There is a way to bypass these, become a VIP. Those people were swooshing by like they’re better than us, which they probably are. Once you get in, you get on the premises of what used to be a public school, that’s where PS1 comes from. The yard greets you with some tables [and I was going to put artsy people in here, but figured I use ‘artsy’ too much. Looked up a synonym for artsy, among other options, google gave me chichi. I am so running with this]. So the yard greets you with some tables, chichi people drifting around, stands with ‘refreshments’ (you know, the type I like), and a live DJ music. Take a look-see:moma ps1

The vibe was awesome, you feel like you’re part of something smart already. Until, it’s time to go inside and look at some art and really try to be smart. Which actually wasn’t bad half the time, as it did have some weirdo, cool stuff. As such:2015-05-20 12.26.51

So, was it all fun and games and awesome times? Well you know me, of course it wasn’t. Now color me old, but modern art at 11pm after a full work week – at some points, I couldn’t care less. I felt like taking a nap underneath one of them magnificent installations. Also, we got there early and were able to walk through all four floors with a relatively tame crowd. By the time we were done, all the fashionably late idiots showed up and it was beginning to look dangerous. Somebody was getting stomped to death, in a violent way. Some part of me wanted to stay and watch, and the other part also wanted to stay and watch but we were tired, made our exit and finished our evening with some beers at home’ telling tales of drunkenness and cruelty’ ©The Kinks.

P.S. Bathroom situation was bearable – had one on each floor, they’re unisex so come open-minded, and yes be prepared to stand in lines.

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