Memorial weekend that’s not exactly about remembrance

This memorial weekend I spent terrorizing my future, possible, suburban neighbors. But like in a very nice way. For this to fully make sense you need to familiarize yourself with my previous post first.

Yesterday we had a bunch of friends visiting from Brooklyn. And as we were setting the outside table and other applicable food stuffs, the next door neighbors decided to pay a rather unexpected visit. My take is that they were planning on a lecture something along the lines ‘no loud music, behave, and don’t dare distress the peace and quite of this fine white neighborhood.’ But then they seemed somewhat lost and confused, possibly because I was wearing this:

Because I have a goddamn sense of humor. Also, it was a gift from a friend in Tel Aviv and the whole scene complete with the phrase translation is supposed to be very witty, but honest to God, I don’t remember anymore. My significant other was also dressed accordingly, and so instead of a lecture from the neighbors, we received an apologetic story on how their daughter lives in Williamsburg. Nobody bothered us the whole evening. Truth be told, we did keep the music on the lower spectrum. Can’t state the same for the occasional hysterical laughing.

But it was nice. We just sat outside watching the sun slowly set, freezing our asses off, and getting bit by an occasional bug. Because nature can be a little bitch like that sometimes. Conversations took an unexpected turn at one point, and so naturally we started coming up with the conspiracy theories on how that hole in the bushes was created by a deer running with a door.

Because seriously tell me this was not a deer running with a door.

In other words, we were in agreement. Because sometimes you just find your group of weirdos who gets you, and will follow you out into the wilderness of suburbs. And less like follow, and more like just come visit occasionally, but it still is nice.

I have yet to move all my stuff, and my insane apartment cat, and this should go over just fine. I’m betting on a limited number of casualties. Whilst having to train two new people at work. Whilst trying to maintain a barely functioning blog. Also, I need to color my hair because those roots look seriously disgusting.

I’ll see you later.


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2 thoughts on “Memorial weekend that’s not exactly about remembrance

  1. Since my Hebrew is rusty (thanks to my never having studied Hebrew) I’m not sure what your t-shirt of Theodor Herzl clapping says but I’m sure it’s funny.
    Anyway if I am in the Brooklyn area I’ll be more than happy to help you move and you can hold me to that promise in spite of it being even less substantial than my knowledge of Hebrew.
    Christopher recently posted…Joy Ride.My Profile

    1. Theodor Herzl! That’s it. You’re so good, man.

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