Me and my car – adventures

Recent collection of me and my car adventures have inspired this post.

If you are currently the if-I-only-had-a-car type of person, pay attention to this. By chance, I ended up being a sole and proud owner of a leased car. It was not a conscious decision. I was intoxicated when I signed the lease. Kidding. Let’s just say the circumstances of the situation are somewhat complex and none of your business. Point being, I have the damned thing. The question of its damned status is unmistakable.

Now, as any good girl I did get my driver’s license at 16 but have been successfully avoiding getting behind a wheel since. I am waiting for the teleportation to become a reality and don’t want to get stuck with an unnecessary set of skills. Or in the very least cars that drive themselves which should be in effect by now, if you ask me. But in all honesty, let’s just say out of many talents I poses driving was never my thing.

But drive I do now. This story begins with me deciding to drive to work one winter morning. Having been new to this whole driving thing, I didn’t count on using GPS that day and forgot to charge my phone the night before. Deciding that remaining battery is more than enough I started off into my journey. Needless to say, the phone died the moment I got on a highway. Being a clever person and all, I decided to drive by memory. Now you don’t need to know where I work, but you can share my realization of being fucked by the time I ended up at Jones’s beach. I got off, figured I need directions, got them from some service shop, decided against it and asked them for a phone charger instead. I’m writing from the service shop, I never found my way home.

On some other day, I decided to go to the gym. But not just go to the gym, go in style aka drive. I don’t go there often maybe that’s what prompted me. I went, came back and all was fine. Parking was tough, but I found a perfect spot, fairly soon, was proud of myself too, with the slightest problem of the back bumper hanging over someone’s driveway. I swear to you, you wouldn’t even be able to detect it with a naked eye. But detect it they did, and had my car towed away too.

In conclusion – a car accident. Of course. Anticipation was naturally leading up to this. Nobody got hurt, but that happened:

The guy ran the red light and in a private conversation later admitted his fault. Currently, we are disputing the insurance claim. If you’re reading this, guy….pay up bitch. Or let your insurance pay up, either way.

P.S. Hey, it’s not all bad. I get to carry out a new type of selfie.


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