Make your smartphone proud

Go out and walk, Brooklyn. The warm weather is upon us. Who would have ever expected that, it’s only June. And after leaving that precious office space, 5 o’clock sharp, you get to see some daylight now. So much so, that you might feel encouraged enough to leave closed spaces all together, meaning your home, meaning on a weekday, meaning without special planning and months of preparations. You can believe me it’s summer if I came home and instead of assuming a compfy position behind my laptop, because I-am-oh-so-tired, I changed and just walked out into the light. It felt nice. Just to be outside not going to/from work, running an errand or being super preoccupied with the next thing from your to-do list. I panicked a little because it felt crazy to be doing something without a ‘grand’ purpose to it. But my brain immediately mapped out the route in my head that I shall follow, while aimlessly wandering about.

Off I went. I had to forcefully remind myself several times to slow down that I did not need to outrun all the pedestrians in front of me. That this is not a contest and even if it is there is no prize and even if there is one it’s probably something crapy. This part was hard. And I don’t think I mastered it completely. At the end of it, I think all the people around me that evening were incredibly slow walkers.

Also, aimless walking seemed to create a cognitive dissonance in my head. My brain wasn’t sure on how to process this and kept asking for little chores. So I gave myself a quest to find a coffee place, then to reach the pier, then to find an empty bench – not too close because this became an exercise now, but also not too far because I needed enough strength to walk all the way back. Challenge was accepted. Also, you shouldn’t worry about me. Because while on this restful stroll, I came up with a backup plan on taking a bus (I even looked up specific bus that I would need) in case I became too tired.

I did manage to enjoy some moments on the setting sun. But then I got a text message and had to take the picture of the setting sun, and text back describing my relaxation process. And then I got distracted by a new Facebook and Instagram alerts and well… the sun sort of set sometime while I was doing that.

I didn’t take the bus home. And it was a slow walk back probably because I was pretty damn tired by that time.

Also, I now have one of those apps that track your steps daily and give you rewards on days you reach a standard it specifically designs for you. On that day my phone was especially proud of me. And it gave me a little warming sensation in my chest.
So go out, walk, get some fresh air, and make your phone proud.

P.S. Picture below was taking by me while on such endeavor. This was a day well lived.



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