Labor Day Weekend – all you need is IKEA drill

I had a lovely weekend y’all. You know why? Because I didn’t plan shit. There is a certain level of stress that comes along with making travel arrangements, especially on these holiday weekends when everyone else is making travel arrangements, and it’s like a goddamn competition. So when you don’t have plans, you don’t have stress. You’re welcome, and feel free to cancel all your future birthday party/baby shower/anniversary/bar mitzvah/we got a new dog  commitments. Just tell them you’re trying to build a stress free life, and they don’t fit into that picture. That should work just fine.

I have located a new beer garden on Friday. Or actually my Wednesday Friend did. But since she doesn’t have a blog, and I do, I’m taking the credit for this (Monday was her birthday, so shout out. Also, what the hell I though you’re a Wednesday friend). Let’s just say through with some assistance from Yelp, there has been discovered the presence of a said beer garden. And it turned out to be really cool. The place had a real nice decorated premises, good German beer, and deliciously fitting food (think sausage). It also had pretzels that looked like they were made from fluffy clouds by laughing toddles. They looked freakishly good. I can only tell you about the looks because I had to restrain myself from excessive carbs consumption. While weeping tears of sadness. Anyway, they had a talking horse at the entrance. Don’t worry it wasn’t a live horse. It was a dead talking horse. Or a mechanic one. Point is, the place is awesome Bavarian Biergarten.

On Saturday, a couple of friends invited us to a Broadway Comedy Show. It was a free promotional type of thing, but I have a certain thing for comedy stand ups, like I probably watched every single stand up on Netflix, several times, stop judging me. So I agreed immediately. We went to dinner beforehand, and it sucked. Like the food was edible, but it wasn’t particularly good. Like my seafood pasta had a total of two shrimp in it. It’s like somebody pissed off the pasta person, or the shrimp person, or maybe they had a fight between them. In any case, I hope they find harmony soon. The Comedy Show was however good. Funny at times, not funny at other. They had about a total of 6 comics, which was a bit much. Taking the cost of admission into consideration, which was zero, this was great.

On Sunday, I slept. Like I slept until I woke up, and then I slept some more. It was glorious. I had the latest Harry Potter book, a recently discovered show of the Travel Man 48h, and a day of isolation to contemplate life, its beauty and complexity, and how contemplating life is sometimes a lot better than actually living it. Note to people trying to isolate/contemplate life: stock up on food first. I didn’t have anything worthy in my fridge, thus was forced to go food shopping. HA. Screw food shopping. Food shopping is for weaklings, I went out to dinner with my girlfriend (I went food shopping the following day). We ate some major good food. And I was so relieved, after the two-shrimp-pasta.  So Falada for your typical girlfriend lounge experience, like seriously.

After we finished eating we moved over to the bar area. And I noticed a DJ friend who was killing time before starting his shift. And I should probably tell you how we met. A few weeks ago I came to this same place. Some drinks might have been involved. I really liked the music this DJ was playing so I climbed on the stage and was all in his face. And we became Facebook friends. Naturally. Then when I went to the Nervous Records Release party I told you about, he was also there. Like he’s part of the whole Exit32Records gang. And now we’re like besties and braid each other’s hair. Not really, but check him out on Instagram. Also, Falada lounge, for now.

Monday I was going to continue my tradition of ‘nope, not doing shit’ but then my friend, let’s call her Productive friend because she always makes me do stuff, picked me up and took me home goods shopping. Because I was reckless enough to tell her I need home goods. And that’s not something you just go and do without procrastinating first. I mean, right? Anyway, we drove there I bought curtains and a bunch of other stuff, then we drive to Trader Joes, then we had lunch, and then I came home and hung my curtains. Like drilling the wall and securing rods hung my curtains. My special other is away for the whole week again, and I just needed to have those curtains hung NOW. And it’s not even that hard, all you need is IKEA drill, some youtube vidoes, and some relatively balanced movement coordination.

You can be impressed now.

P.S. I have a really special person contributing for the next post. So, stay tuned.

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4 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend – all you need is IKEA drill

  1. There is nothing better in this world than having no plans at all, taking a “just because I can” nap, and not letting anyone give you shit about it! Here’s to many more plan-lacking weekends.

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