Labels help us label things

How ya doing Booklynites? Because you officially have a name now. Because I gave it to you. And because what’s better than labels? Everything is better than labels. But labels help us label things. Mind blown yet? Wait till I tell you about a random collection of interesting things. Are they truly interesting? They are to me, so shut up.


Remember my mortgage journey I told you about here Hell’s Fargo? There is a happy ending at last. Well, sort of. After going through that process, and losing my shit, I just wanted a denial letter from them for… I don’t even know, closure, I guess. And I couldn’t even get that. They literally told me that after review by one underwriter, it goes for review to another underwriter (why, fuckers, why?). And then it will be denied, after 5-7, or who knows how many business days. And so I took to Google to help me navigate life. And it turns out, there is a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and you can submit complains in cases such as mine. So I did. And it felt good. And for a good reason. Last week I got two letters from Hell’s Fargo, one was telling me they received my complaint through CFPB, second was my long-awaited denial letter. Don’t have exact evidence these things are directly related, but I’m pretty sure they are. So, know about this agency, check them out, and complain about everything! But probably within reasonable norms.


I’ve noticed a recent trend on the excessive use of emoji’s.  I mean, they’re not new by any means. And people have been using them for a while, including myself. I might be spending too much time on social media, but what I see is complete sentence structures purely out of emoji. And it’s not because I’m sad that our language is dying, and nobody talks proper anymore. Screw it, I’m a horrible speller. But it does annoy me because I feel like I’m solving a goddamn riddle. Like I don’t think I should be sweating while trying to read your message. Use words, don’t be an eggplant emoji.


Continuing this subject, I had an Instagram experience that some of you may find useful. If you’re one of the Instagram bloggers, or inspiring to be one, you know the type, that takes pictures of their knees, artfully laid out everything (like you seriously never fuck up anything?), and of course that one ice cream picture, well I have some advice for you. Surprisingly. And I’m not going to tell you this shit is stupid, because it is, but if it makes you happy, who am I to judge (I’m still totally judging). Anyways. I got approached by some stylish blogger account, with 80K followers, and they offered me a feature, for money obviously. It was $30, and I figured I’ll just try. So I did, and nothing happened. I got a total of two followers for this endeavor. So there is that.


I made another painting. And since twitter thinks my paintings are great, I’m going to start calling it art.


Inspiration behind this? I just saw some skull stencils, and who can just pass on a good skull stencil? Nobody. What is wrong with you. And after looking at it, I came up with the idea to have each one of them represent: sadness, joy, love, and death (clockwise), and have them yelling relevant words at each other, cut out of newspaper. Because, I mean obviously. I feel bad for my grocery guy because I went in to buy a case of beer (purely inspiration purposes), and a NY Times paper, at 7 o’clock at night. His face was that of pure confusion. It was glorious. And it’s not like my explanation about skull painting would do him any good. So, I left it that.


And I have to say, this one was the hardest to finish because I kept thinking it’s shit throughout the whole process. I liked the idea, but the visual was not matching up to my vision. And so I really want to thank my Wednesday Friend, and my special other for their selfless support. Or actually, I think their support is totally selfish. They probably see me becoming famous, and sharing my profits with them. Which is stupid, why would I share my profits with you guys? They really didn’t think this through.


On a more serious note, value those people in your life that make you feel worthy of something better. Because they rock.

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4 thoughts on “Labels help us label things

  1. It’s totally selfish of me that I’m going to compare your art to the work of Tristan Tzara and Basquiat and, oh, let’s throw Rauschenberg in there too. Basically I’m going to ride your artistic coattails to a job as a serious art critic.
    Even if that doesn’t happen I look forward to the day when you’re famous enough that you can pay for a case of beer with a scribbled drawing.
    The one thing that annoys me is you have five separate stories in a post about labeling and you didn’t label them. Wait…maybe that was the point…what’s the proper emoji for “mind blown”?
    Christopher recently posted…Give ‘Em A Hand.My Profile

    1. Huh. Unintentionally brilliant? No, I just felt the need to talk about those things, and didn’t feel the need for logic.
      I have my own art critic! I love it! You can ride my coattail any day. That came out only slightly sexual.

  2. Sorry you got denied for a mortgage. Rejection is hard, whether it’s from a significant other or a huge, dirtbag banking conglomerate. Keep working, keep spending (that’s how you build credit, which I’ve always thought was crazy), and keep trying. You’ll be in homeowner’s hell before you know it.
    Chuck Baudelaire recently posted…This Is Confessional. Please Respond with Approbation.My Profile

    1. I’m in the process with another ‘normal’ bank already, and that seems to be going fine, at least so far. Homeowner’s hell might be closer than anticipated. Thanks for the support, man.

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