Just Wrap a Blanket Around it

Are you dying to know how my weekend went? Not really? But I’ll tell you about it anyway. Because it went really well.


On Saturday, I continued my birthday celebration. The one that happened on Tuesday. Because a trip to a restaurant that evening was not enough. I needed MORE. More of everything devoted to me. But in all seriousness, I’m not a big fan of birthday celebrations, and the last time I officially celebrated mine was back when I was 23, which was this many years ago (I’m not giving you the actual number (because then you can do math and figure out my age (that is if you can do math))). Anyway, it was less of an invitation, and more of an excuse to force people into postponing/delaying/canceling their actual weekend plans, and instead doing what I planned for them. Also, they had to bring presents, and tell me how awesome I am all night. All that because some time ago, I decided to show up into this world. It’s only fair, people.


Anyway. What I had planned was an outside grilling experience. Which might have seemed like a good idea, if you didn’t check with the weather. Which I didn’t do. And it was raining all week. It was still drizzling on Saturday morning. And it was still cold to be enjoying the great outdoors. But the great outdoors we enjoyed anyway. Wrapped in blankets. Because whenever things don’t go according to plan, I just wrap blankets around them. The sun did show up eventually because blankets can do magic like that, or we just got seriously lucky. Anyway, it was all great, and fun, and nobody remembers much of it so all went according to plan.


Also, for some reason everyone showed up extremely nicely dressed. Not like nightgowns, and bow ties, but like leather leggings and converse. And this did nothing to my self-esteem. And I was like ‘shit, I don’t remember these people having such nice taste in clothing. Also, I need to find my Ray Bans ASAP.’ But maybe they always had nice taste in clothing, and I just didn’t pay attention. I’m a good friend. I swear.


And then Sunday, was of course Mother’s day. And we had a nice family dinner. And since warm weather is something to be expected happening soon. Possibly. In the future. Dieting is very much on everybody’s mind, or not. But I must tell you about this new recipe my mom utilized. She cooked a spaghetti squash and served it as a side. And you just buy a spaghetti squash (actual name), cut it in half, bake it for 15 min, and use a fork to get the insides out. And they just easily peel into spaghetti-like thingies. And it’s super low calorie, and actually edible. This was the first time I heard about such a piece of vegetable, so I had to share this unsolicited cooking advise with you.


P.S. Shout out to my pips again, who showed up on Saturday and battled through weather conditions. Also, though most of purchased alcohol.


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