Just don’t light yourself on fire

It’s been busy, you guys. And I’ve been lazy about this whole writing gig. So whatever. I’m not giving you excuses, but sort of am. It’s just that my life is so stressful and hectic right now *eye roll*.

Anyway. I’ve been doing morning yoga for the past week. 15 min in the morning, which is doable and nothing too crazy. I just found some video on YouTube and it sort of stuck with me. I can’t say I feel a whole lot different. I still get annoyed at stuff, and curse a lot in my head. Mostly because for this whole mindful peacefulness to work, I imagine you need to surround yourself with positive people. And we’re mostly surrounded by assholes with unresolved childhood issues, and sexual tension…But I’m being hopeful. Because nothing like a happy cynic.

I made another painting, if you will, recently. I called it ‘In your own head’. And as my sister rightfully pointed out ‘it’s pretty messy in there’. Which is true. Because humans are beautiful, and complex beings. Or some shit like that.

And this stupid iPhone keeps rotating my photos. Seriously phone, I get it, you’re smart, but what’s the thought process behind this ‘would you like to look at this photo while uncomfortably tilting your head?’ I’m so going back to Samsung. Anyway since this is abstract art I guess it doesn’t matter. Enjoy. Don’t forget to tilt your head.

I’ve been watching great TV series lately. They’re called ‘You’re the worst’ and it’s about a hipster couple (I love me a good hipster). And it’s full of sarcasm, snazzy remarks, and inappropriate situations. It’s awesome. Granted not for everybody, so approach with caution.

I haven’t been doing any social activities, so don’t have any news for you there. Also, I hate February because it’s the month when literally nothing happens. Except Valentine’s Day, of course. So don’t forget to light some candles, and eat some heart shaped chocolates. Just don’t light yourself on fire, and don’t get diabetes.

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2 thoughts on “Just don’t light yourself on fire

  1. Just remember, you’re awesome. You. Yes, you. One awesome bitch. Love ya.

  2. Just remember: if you give a man a fire he will be warm until it goes out. If you set a man on fire he will be warm for the rest of his life.
    So there’s an upside to everything.
    And doing yoga is admirable. I quit when the instructor tried to get me to do a position that put my ass over my head and I’ve never been able to do that. Sort of like your iPhone. I can only rotate certain ways.
    And I love how your painting juxtaposes the two-dimensional attempts to bring order in the form of blue cogwheels with chaos in the form of scattered three-dimensional red blobs.
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