It’s not a good bye, and more like see ya later

Tonight is my last night in Brooklyn. And I’m mostly sweaty and cranky from all the packing. And even though I make a commitment not to clutter myself with stuff, I clutter myself with stuff. This time around I even went through my books, which I NEVER normally do. Because I’m that crazy that picks up book from everywhere and brings them home. But I put up a good portion of mine hopefully to get picked up by the neighbors, or get recycled into cereal boxes, whatever. I guess, I’m emrassing the 21st century.

And I’ve been feeling nostalgic this whole past month mostly because Brooklyn is a freaking dumpster, but it’s a dumpster I grew up in. And there is just something about people and clinging to their shitty memories. Or as one of my twitter friends greatly put ‘it’s a sense of community with the underlying hatred’. And I just hope I find some hatred to where I’m moving. Or I spread some hatred to where I’m moving. Whichever works.

Also, I have this feeling that I’ll be visiting Brooklyn, and actually going to places more now that it’s going to be an attraction, as opposed to daily traffic. Also, I made sure to ask every single one of my friends for a place to crash. And turns out I have plenty of places to crash, bless their souls, and if I knew I would have stopped paying rent much sooner. What the hell.

Not all is doom and gloom, as we have plans of eventually renting out an apartment that doesn’t involve a neurotic superintendent living beneath. Maybe even a studio, like an artist studio. So I could splash the walls with paint not worrying about security deposit. Because more than painting I love splashing the walls with paint. Because what you lack in talent you make up in attitude.

Speaking of, I recently watched this great documentary on Netflix about graffiti artist Banksy (search for ‘Saving Banksy’ on Netflix, my linking powers are being lazy). And I always had a soft spot for street art, but this one made me want to pick up graffiti myself. Which is probably not the smartest idea ever, but the documentary was great regardless. Chances are you can just watch it like a normal person, so probably do.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting in the middle of my half-packed stuff trying to come up with a life wisdom, and all I got is ‘maybe I should live in a hotel’. Because nothing beats room service. I might have been a diva in the past life.

And wherever you currently are hopefully it’s with someone you care about. Cats count. People and other pets too, I’m not racist.

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4 thoughts on “It’s not a good bye, and more like see ya later

  1. Good luck, baby. Moving sucks. Change sucks. But you got this. I know you do.

  2. Good luck with the move. Also I’m sprinkling a little bad luck in there so you have some hatred to spread around. If I could I’d send you some books so you could spread those around too.
    Also good for you for considering the idea of living in a hotel. My father loved to travel but hated staying in hotels so wherever we went on vacation it had to be someplace with family or friends who’d let us crash in their house. This severely limited the attractions we visited.
    And dogs count too. And most other pets, but not ferrets.
    Christopher recently posted…In The Madding Crowd.My Profile

    1. What! Ferrets are weirdly similar to rats, which makes them awesome. Probably.

      Also, sorry to hear about childhood travels, but then again it could be no childhood travels at all.

      Staying optimistic like that.

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