Isreal: beacuse repetition makes it perfect

So yesterday was my first day back to work, after a week’s vacation, and that went great. I missed everyone, and I was so happy to be back, in my old familiar cubicle, surrounded by dear friendly faces. Or more like it was fucking hell. I had 564 unread emails, and all my  enthusiasm for work related stuffs vanished pretty much by 3pm, and turned into ‘goddammit, not this shit again’. But that’s another story.

I went away to Israel because I had a family wedding to attend, and I’ve been to Isfreal before, and wrote about it here. I’ll try not to repeat myself with the same information because I’m thoughtful like that, so go check out those posts first. Or not, but like I wrote them already, so you probably should.

We had a connecting flight through Rome, because direct flights from New York are just too damn expensive. Also, spending a day in Rome seemed like a great idea. Not if you’re a lousy plane sleeper though. We left early evening New York time, and were to arrive early morning Rome time, and 8 hour plane flight was meant to provide all the sufficient sleep, right? Wrong. Not if you’re a freak like me that has a need to be in control of moving things around you. Like they would totally mess up their airplane controls if I dozed off for a minute. I am trying to beat this habit, mostly because it’s a stupid one. But this time, I was not exactly successful. So my body arrived sleep deprived, and time difference confused, which pretty much equated to being a whole lot pissed.

Also, my significant other forgot his phone on the plane. They found it, and he was able to get it back within an hour probably, which is nothing short of a miracle. But tell that to my already pissed body. It was a bad omen, and the whole vacation was going to shit. Because that’s how exaggeration works.

Regardless, we took a train to Rome Central. Which is probably the best way to get to the city. It costs something like 14 euros (I’m too lazy to find the euro sign, so I’ll just keep typing it). And you get there in 40 min, no traffic. We had a plan of walking to Fontana Di Trevi because it’s beautiful, and I vaguely remember it being associated with one of Fellini’s movie. Don’t have much more detail for you on that, so google it. But the fountain was great. Light for picture taking not so much. So once again, I was pissed. Because here you are making this possibly once in a lifetime journey, and not even a descent Instagram pic. But I’ll show it to you here.

What the hell universe?
What the hell universe?

There was a church right next to it. And that one gave me my picture of the day. So, technically I could be happy. But I don’t give up that easy.

That’s more like it

Then we had some cappuccino. And coffee in Italy is hands down the best I’ve ever tasted. But then you start thinking that after tasting this great coffee, you’ll go back to your life and same old shitty coffee. So, if you don’t like to travel, consider yourself one step ahead. We also had pizza, and that one was just ok, so yay for equality. Then we walked through some streets, and visited Vatican, and it was all grand, and historic, Rome style. Which means I was counting hours to when I’ll see a real bed. But don’t get me wrong, Italy is great, but like under normal circumstances and/or if you’re non-complaining person. Which I have a feeling I’m not.

Then we had a relatively short connecting flight. And through some more walking, and security lines, and passport controls, because airports were created to be long, and dicky on purpose like that, we got to our place of stay, and to a bed, and I was happy. For a short while because next morning we had a 4 hour drive to the Red Sea. And guess how I felt about this idea? I was pissed.

The good part about road trips is you get to sit the whole time. Also…nope, I got nothing else. We had a planned midway stop at Mizpe Ramon. Which is the world’s biggest asteroid crater. Or so they say. And it looks like a canyon, or like a hole in the earth. Which is great if you’re really into holes in the earth. What saved the day were goats. Quite literally this place was infested with these beautiful creatures. And goats make me happy. Apparently.


And we met the sunset at this place, next to this earth hole, amidst the mountain goats. It doesn’t get better than that people.

Also, don’t forget to vote.

To be continued.

*Disclosure: I was corrected that Mizpe Ramon is the landform that’s not actually an impact crater from a meteor nor a volcanic crater formed by a volcanic eruption, but rather is the world’s largest makhtesh. Because these things are important, people.


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5 thoughts on “Isreal: beacuse repetition makes it perfect

  1. That’s still a pretty impressive picture of the Fontana Di Trevi. I bet it was designed that way on purpose so that no matter the time any picture of it will be impressive. And, yes, 18th century architects knew about photography and Instagram. Architects have to take a long-range view of things.
    Also I like that the church picture could easily be a Renaissance painting called “The Blessing of Some Guy In A Parka”.
    Christopher recently posted…No Thanks.My Profile

    1. True, most of Rome is grand, and impressive. I just like to find tiny things to bitch about.

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