Israel: because repetition makes it perfect 2

Elections happened. And I’ve been naturally pretty upset, mostly because I don’t want to be grabbed by the pussy. And I don’t know what will happen next. Some moments I even manage to feel hopeful, but mostly I feel pretty shitty about this outcome. Particularly being a female. Because this election result shows, among other things, that sexism in this country is stronger than even racism. And anything with an -ism isn’t good, but come on. Regardless, I will attempt to finish telling about my trip, which now seems very distant and irrelevant, but hey let’s take our minds off of things.

Continued from here.

Next day, we woke up in Eilat, which is a city located on the Red sea. By the way, if you wonder how other cities look in foreign countries, they look like cities, man. Some things might be different, like palm trees, but other than that it’s pretty much the same. They also have roads, and stores, and buildings, and local garbage problems. I’m not mad at you, New York, anymore. So being in a city on the Red sea, we went to swim in the aforementioned Red sea. We’re predictable like that.

And first of all, the Red sea is not red at all. It’s like a normal sea color. Which is probably a good things because I would probably totally freak otherwise. Why is it named that way? Someone was really stoned. But that’s just my guess. It has a bunch of coral reefs and you can snorkel right off the shore, and look at fishes. But that day was really windy, and waves made the water murky, and hard to see. I did see fish, so there is that. Also, we were able to see Jordan on the other shore. Which was kind of cool. Nothing significant happened, but I saw tiny Jordan. Bite me.

We had a really great dinner in one of the plenty restaurants along the shoreline. Travel tip: when you ask for water, they’ll bring you bottled water, you can refuse it, and ask for tap instead. Otherwise, they charge extra. So, go ahead and splurge later on all that water savings. Which we totally did, in this store called Replay, which doesn’t exist in US, but you can check them out online. Fair warning, it’s not cheap, but I got myself this!


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Next day, we drove to the Dead Sea. All the seas in Israel are conveniently located nearby. Apparently. And this one is truly dead because it’s so salty, it has no living organisms. As we approached it, this piece of information dawned on me, and I yelled out loud ‘so, that’s why it’s dead!’ Because sometimes I have my brain fart moments too. And then we swam in the Dead sea. Or sort of wobbled. Because you can’t really swim, you just rise to the surfaces. And the water felt slimy, and I felt disgusting for hours later even after washing myself off. And those are the things I like to complain about. Anyway, here’s me standing on salt cuz I’m cool like that.


Right after that, we had a planned stop at Jerusalem. Because that’s the beauty of most foreign countries, they’re tiny, and everything is within vicinity of two hours. It was raining, and cold when we got there. Not heavy rain, but that annoying drizzle. And I was wearing short shorts because I was at the beach a few hours ago. Not the best possible idea in a city that’s holy for four major religions. It was awkward, and people were staring. Otherwise, Jerusalem is magnificent. Truly ancient, and special, I wrote about it before, so just go leaf through that. We had a great dinner at this place Kangaroo, send them my love if ever in the area.

Next day, we were back in Tel Aviv, and I woke up all runny nose, and whopping cough. All the temperature changes took their toll.  But if a sick day under normal circumstances means a warm blanket cocoon, during vacation turns into ‘ I will probably die, but I’m going sight seeing’. We went to the old city of Jaffa, which is probably one of my favorite places on Earth. And hear this out, remember the last time I wrote they had a wishing bridge and it was closed for renovation? That sucker was open this time. And I just stood there, and took my time. Because I felt like they owed me from the previous time. However, the Floating Orange Tree (that’s actually hanging, and is not floating at all) WAS closed for renovation. It’s like they like to fuck with people on purpose.

And then we had a good few hours of wandering through the Jaffa Market. And I loved it. We walked among these stalls with all sorts of goods, and I bought a good bunch of souvenirs, and I bargained for every, single shekel (Israel’s local currency). You need, and should bargain. And being a loud mouth New Yorker, I was in my element. I was bargaining to the point my companions felt uncomfortable. So, I call it a success.

Then, we met up with some local acquaintances and visited Florentin neighborhood, which is sort of Brooklyn’s Bushwick equivalent. It has a bunch of cool graffiti, and dingy looking lofts. And we had some poisoned beers. It’s when they dilute your drink with some mysterious stuffs. So you get drunk, but in like unreasonable way, an start drinking even more. And I know this, because firstly I worked in a restaurant business way back when, and also because I have drank plenty of diluted drinks here in Brooklyn. It’s that specific taste of stupidity you get, and a real bad hangover the day after. You know what it made me think? That we’re all very similar regardless of the country. The tricks, even the bad ones, are also the same. So, it was a lousy experience, but also a unifying one. Go figure.

To be continued yet.

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One thought on “Israel: because repetition makes it perfect 2

  1. As a kid I always imagined the Dead Sea as a dark, dismal place. It’s cool that it really appears quite lovely even if the high concentration of minerals leaves you feeling slimy. Aren’t there a million Dead Sea skin care products? Imagine how much more benefit you got from stepping into the genuine article.
    The diluted beer reminds me that the expression “no free lunch” comes from taverns that would offer a free lunch but counted on customers getting so drunk they wouldn’t realize no free lunch was ever provided.
    Have I mentioned that before? I can’t remember. My drinking is really a problem. It’s a problem that I’m not doing enough.
    Christopher recently posted…Those Aren’t Pillows!My Profile

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