The main idea behind this blog is, of course, to talk about me. I would like to say there is a more prominent idea behind this, such as to promote thought processes (in various directions), and healthy (or even angry) discussions between people of different backgrounds, but I can’t promise you that. So, no. This website will mostly be about me. The way I see and experience life. And you my dear friends, will be privileged enough to comment, and hopefully learn something. Maybe not, but it will kill time and take you away from waiting on FB updates. God knows, we’ve all been there. When you have thoroughly examined all the FB feeds, photos, suspiciously-sourced articles, liked all there is to like and feel helplessly lost (that is, after instagram, twitter, and pintrest were checked as well). You may see this as your safe heaven. No need to take your eyes away from the phone, and look at people around. Or pretend to be reading something, not to look at people around. You may actually be reading something here.
Why do I feel I have the right to share and publish my ideas? Let’s just say my ego is bigger than most. That should cover it.
I will not be following a particular structure, nor there will be much logic to my postings. So the more surprising. You’ll never know what to expect. I will start off, probably, by describing my early life. That way you can form a better educated stereotypical, judgmental, and bias opinion of me.
I will not be providing you with helpful guides, life hacks to improve your health, videos on folding laundry like a ninja (why would ninjas fold laundry anyway), or how to make a lamp out of used plates (although this one might actually work…somebody is totally stealing this from me). I will not be selling you anything. At least not until this website becomes popular. Then, you can most definitely expect pop ups with hot singles in your neighborhood. You’ve been warned.
I feel like I might owe you an explanation as to the name of this website. Firstly, this was supposed to be a, but I misspelled it (true story), and realized my error after the money has been paid. Secondly, Brooklynite by definition (Wikipedia, of course) is someone born and raised in Brooklyn. I have not been born here, but I have been raised in Brooklyn. So I’m only half-lying. And I liked this name. Given the facts above, I’m calling this a destiny and leaving it at that.
I am an immigrant (more on this exciting topic later). And I do live in Brooklyn. (spoiler alert: you can expect the general tone of postings to be immigrant-Brooklyn related) Technically speaking this domain name permanently disables me from moving anywhere. At least, for the duration of this blog. Which is not a problem at hand, considering my current lack of options aka absence of financial funds. Should you consider this to be a guide for immigrants? If you choose so. I am not making this my priority (see above: lack of structure, not a help book).
Another reason for creating this blog is I have always wanted to be a writer. But upon some research, I discovered that it requires time and skill. And who has the time for that anyway. Also, I have been encouraged in the past to start writing, particularly by my sister. Based purely on the text messages I send her (yes, I will include them later on). So, I am referencing this as my source of credibility. You be the judge. But if you have something negative to say, keep it to yourself. Let’s be realistic, I monitor this site. All such posts will be deleted.
However, do feel free to send me constructive criticism (key word being constructive). And whatever else funny ideas popping in your head while in the shower. Apart from providing you with the chronology of my life, I will be giving takes on events I deem worth my while, or topics you request my valuable opinion on. Let’s keep this open-minded, casual, and grammar free. Enjoy.

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