Into the wild, Pennsylvania style

Summer is officially here and the pressure is on. The pressure to have fun. Because during winter you have the ability to complain about weather wrap yourself in blankie and carry on getting fat. But summer is the game changer. All of a sudden, you feel the need to be doing something. But wait, not just something it has to be fun and exciting. You need to fill up that reservoir of ‘Fun Memories’ tank to keep you going through the dark times of winter. This is the time when all of a sudden you have the need to see people. Socialize, so to speak. Help each other with the ‘Fun Memories’ tank (because you know they’re under pressure as well), make questionable choices, talk load, and laugh a lot.

This is also the time of dieting. No, you don’t start doing that in advance. If you’re a normal person you wear large sweaters and avoid mirrors and then when it’s time to put on a swim suite start maniacally doing sit ups.

It is the time when we feel the need to connect with Mother Nature (auto correct made me capitalize this, so be it). Fresh air activities. Lots of them. Whatever you normally do now needs to happen outside. Meeting with friends, reading, eating, drinking and yes sleeping – I’m taking about you, happy campers (I imagine outside shitting is also part of your itinerary). Somehow, in the 21st Century with cozy and temperature regulated living arrangements we feel the need to send all human progress to hell and become one with the nature. I am no exception. I too like to dreamily gaze into the sunset and listen to the trees imagining they’re whispering to me with their leaves. Until I remember that work project that’s past due, and I totally forgot about, and I curse but quietly, so as not to disturb the purity of nature.

If you’re a Brooklyn local, summer also means that you most definitely will be going to Pennsylvania. Imagine it being the type of Hamptons for the poor. You may call yourself middle class, but I think poor is more of the feeling. Rented house, or friend’s house, or your own vacation house but it will be happening. And depending on your age group, you’ll either be breaking ceiling fans on a bet or will be spending a lot of time next to the kiddie pool. Either way, it is woven into your destiny the moment Brooklyn (neighboring areas included) becomes your zip code.

This is how I spent my last PA weekend. I seem to be doing a lot of lying around in my free time. But then again, I never claimed to be a super achiever.


P.S. Sweet Brooklyn welcomed me back with this sunset. And a funeral home.






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