International drama exchange

This weekend was nice, you guys. We had a friend visiting from Israel. And there’s nothing like a friend visiting from far away without backstory knowledge of your everyday drama. Mostly because you get tell about that drama all over again. It’s a fresh pair of ears. And if that’s not priceless, I don’t know what is. We also listened to what she had to say. So it was a mutually beneficial exchange of drama. As per current market rates. I work in finance, these things are important.

But seriously, we got to show her our city favorites like this Kenka restaurant. And I’m not sure if I wrote about it before, I might have disclosed this knowledge on purpose jut so nobody else knows. But it’s a true authentic Japanese place with some odd and kinky touches. Like the menu features obscene sex scenes. Is it meant to get your appetite going, or make that date a sure success? Maybe both. I like to relish in mystery. Also, the food is really good. So it all makes sense in the end. Do visit, just know there are no reservations, and there will be a line.

Then we showed her the Bushwick Collective, need I say more. And then we decided on some country life in the form of Long Island, more specifically East Hamptons. Not exactly chickens and live stock country, but you get the idea. And it was off season for East Hamptons so we were allowed in. Otherwise, I’m sure they have a face control with a wallet check. Maybe not, maybe they’re just genuinely nice people. I just like to bitch about the rich, and that almost rhymes. Point being all of this got me out of the house and out of my head. For a brief moment I stopped thinking about that doctor’s appointment on Friday, and that March 31 deadline at work. So am I saying you should have somebody visit from Israel. You most definitely should, they seem nice. There might even be like an exchange program, look it up.

And next week we’re flying to Japan. This has been a trip in the planning for years. And after my recent hospitalization, we just decided to go ahead and do it before I lose my marbles completely. There’s logic in this decision making process, I promise. But I am obviously super excited, and mostly terrified. Like I went over the emergency plan with my doctor, but also do not relish the idea of getting familiar with a Japanese psych ward. Only God and my brain will be the main deciding factors here. And from my past experiences those two are highly unreliable.

Err. Wish me luck?

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