Indians are still cool though

So I had a lovely Thanksgiving, and I mentioned about it in my last post. Did you read it? Yeah, it was shit. I was fresh after the surgery, and spent all day in a sitting/laying position bossing everyone around me, and demanding things. Because when the opportunity strikes… And thankfully, I did have people around me to boss because it was a holiday weekend. And if you ask me what is the best time to have your ovarian cyst removed? I’ll tell you, it’s the day before Thanksgiving. You’re welcome. In all seriousness, I was extremely lucky to have four days ahead of me to relax and recover. If that’s how you defy luck.


And you know what happened? I started losing my mind the next day. All day I slept, watched Netflix, read a book, surfed the internets. We had Thanksgiving dinner, which I made zero effort in helping prepare. And towards the evening, I became restless and began pacing around the room. It wasn’t exactly pacing, and more like awkward hunching around, but I just felt like I had to move. Part of it was from a severe constipation, which turns out is a common side effect after surgery. And part of it was from the feeling of helplessness, and uselessness, and whatever other –ssness. Which apparently, I’m not good at co-existing with.


I was not expecting this from myself in any shape or form. I can count number, and a large number of times when I woke up in the morning, and was hoping, wishing, beginning to do nothing all day. Just sleep, and do nothing. Wish granted. It fucking sucked. Given, when you’re healthy your range of activities varies by a lot wider margin thus creating the feeling of satisfaction. Point being, don’t get caught home for four days with a stitched up stomach.

Regardless, I did watch cool Netflix series Young Doctor’s Notebook. It’s based on M. Bulkagov’s short story collection. And Bulgakov is a famous classic Russian literature writer. Don’t be scared by the big words, main role in these series is played by Harry Potter. Seriously. And if anything, you need to check out what came out of Harry Potter. It was smart, and funny, but in a dark way. I approve.

I also, watched Chef’s Table documentary series (Netflix again, I told you a lot of free time). And this one is about most renowned chefs from around the world. It’s beautifully filmed. I’m not an expert, but it looked pretty. Alright? And some of these chefs are truly extraordinary people. And the show is not just about slicing, and dicing, and combining ingredients. It’s about storytelling. And I’m a sucker for a good story. As one of the characters said: ‘drugs are bad not because they’re bad, but because they’re good.’ Well, what does that have to do with cooking? I have no idea, watch it and find out.

And this week I’m back to work. And I’m mostly glad about it. I’m glad there is a place for me in this world where I can sit in front of a computer, and get paid for it. This Thanksgiving made me thankful for a lot more things than just Indians. Indians are cool too though.

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