In this issue we talk about trends

First of all, being sick during the fall is a must have look. The sour throat, the runny nose, and the red and watery eyes that’s how you know you’re in the trend. So, if you’re missing out go and take a few rides in the subway during the rush hours. You’ll be sure to come across some bacteria infested person generous enough to sneeze right in your face. Although to be fair, that’s not how I got my cold. It just sort of randomly materialized. Maybe because I’m so #trendy. Anyway, I have been sick these past couple of days. And on top of being awful it’s a great excuse not wash your hair, and not to clean your house, and postpone that gym trip yet again. It’s like going back to the roots of careless existence. You’re welcome.

I have to pause here because I have my cat sitting on my head. You know how they say cats are healers and will sit on your body part that needs healing. I think my asshole cat is implying something here. With her asshole.

Quite the healer
Quite the healer


Anyway, this weekend was also the Halloween weekend. And you would know this because you must have heard the word pumpkin 3 times per minute during the last month. Halloween was also on a Saturday this year and I immediately went ‘oh goddammit, now I have to go out’. Because peer pressure. It’s the same how you’re expected to start having extreme fun during the summer, you’re ok to calm down during the fall and winter months, with the exception of Halloween, Christmas, New Years and Black Friday when you have a feverish need to buy something, but not Thanksgiving that’s a day of pure overeating.

My friends and I started talking about Halloween way in advance, and where to go, and who to be. And it all ended up getting messed up and with me buying the costume on the same day. I played it safe and got a mask and some wings. Because you can never go wrong with a pair of wings. But I didn’t take any pictures because with everything that was going on on Facebook, I felt like I lost even before I started. In order to stand out next year I should probably start hand sawing a dress out of baby chinchillas with some dragon wings. You can never go wrong with a pair of wings.

The question of where to go came up. And with a zillion of events going on in the city there was a pressure to choose THE event. And we found something that promised to be bizarre and outstanding. And bizarre it was. Because at some point there was a saxophone player with a flame shooting out of his tube and people roasting marshmallows from that same flame. I am not even making this up. It made me think of everything that’s wrong with our world, and I am not the most sensitive person. Some good music and drinks would be enough. Just saying.

So, If you happened to stay home with your family…well, you missed out on seeing people dressed as vampires roasting marshmallows. I think you can live with that.

P.S. And do think about that being sick trendy look. Because I can’t say it’s trendy if I’m the only one doing it. Help me out, people.

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