I’m taking a stand against chairs

I’m tired today. Which means I’m tired right after the weekend. Which is like what the hell, and unlimited supplies of red bull are in my near future (I demand sponsorship).


And it’s weird because I didn’t do all that terribly much over the weekend, a bunch of home chores mostly. Home chores that pile up and turn into a mountain of chores that you’re supposed to get through, after a week of getting through a mountain of work chores. This whole adulting thing can go fuck itself.


Anyway, Saturday wasn’t bad because I got to sleep till about 11. But then it was all get up, get ready, shower, dry, coffee – quick, quick, quick. Because we had to pick up a certain someone from the airport. And the getting ready process probably wasn’t even that quick, but the pace was faster than I would have appreciated on my day off. Just saying, two hours is a short period of time. So then it was: drive to the airport, be at the airport, drive from the airport. Not complaining. Yet.


So then we had the guest whom we picked up from the airport, and the guest needed food. I find these things are directly correlated. So then I quickly marinated some shrimp for the grill. And then an 11-year-old presence at the house challenged me to a game of chess. So I had to get that over with. I won. I beat a child in a game, I am truly proud of myself. So then it was all outside grilling, and eating, and conversating. And this was nice. And then it was a group movie watching. And the movie was awesome Burn after Reading, but I was sort of through with the group activities. I like myself. I like to be alone. Anyway, that wasn’t much of an issue because we went to sleep shortly after.


And sleeping was a good call because next morning we had to wake up early. Because we were having some construction work done on the house. My immediate presence was not exactly necessary, but let’s call it a pinch of conscience, so I got up anyway. Who knew, I had some of that conscience stuff. So after doing this and that, and being not exactly helpful with the construction happenings, I decided to play a new game I found. And I would probably recommend it, but I won’t, because I got stuck on level 17 throughout all of Sunday. So fuck you, game. It’s called Fishdom, whoever gets past that level, needs to help me. Also, I don’t care if you don’t recognize this as a legitimate problem. #FirstWorldProblems


So, then we had a previous arrangement to take our guest yard sale shopping. And yard sale shopping can be arguably, disturbingly fun. Most of the time. This time it was just ok. But I went anyway because I have this thing where I want to find myself an old typewriter. We bought an old slide projector instead. Which was cool, but talk about ‘not ever close’.


Then we came back, had some food, checked on the construction progress, talked a lot about napping, but never actually did nap. Then I remembered that I needed to go the sports store to get something. And I’ll tell you what that something was. But first I need to make sure you are not expecting the answer I’m about to give you. Because this is so unexpected, you cannot be possibly expecting it. Also, stop expecting it because I’m about to tell you anyway. Also, this is called anticipation build up.

Anyway. You might have heard about some of those office idiots that use exercise balls instead of chairs.


I am now one of those idiots. Whether it works or not, I don’t care. I’m taking a stand for my health. And I’m taking a stand against…chairs, I guess. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.


So this week, don’t just exist – take a stand against something!

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4 thoughts on “I’m taking a stand against chairs

    1. Dude…no way. My box says Anti Burst, I’m not taking any chances.
      So far Day 3, my ass and back hurt, and I’m still fat. But overall I like it, I even find myself bouncing a little.

  1. Good point. I hadn’t thguoht about it quite that way. 🙂

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