I’m not even making this up

Ok, so first things first. This Sunday was a Chinese New Year and we went to Chinatown to witness their parade and celebration. Because why the hell not. And it was cool. Not too packed. They had confetti flying, people in ridiculous costumes, and dancing dragons. Which were actually people in dragon costumes, so don’t get too excited. But it was fun to watch. It felt like a celebration. And it had people of all sorts of nationalities. Gotta love New York.

Im not sharing pictures because they’ll start rotating and it will annoy the crap out of me again.

Ok I’ll do one.

This site is highly technologically advanced is all I can say.

Then we came across some awesome street art. Which by the way, seems to be located around Little Italy neighborhood in Manhattan. And now I remember why I was delaying writing this post because I can’t really share any pictures with you. So I guess I’ll do it anyway and you can just yell at me in the comments below.


Hulk baby is looking for a loving family.

Hey, at least they’re all rotating in the same direction, so like you’re welcome. Also, this one was my personal favorite.


And then we accidentally attended a clothing line opening for a ‘very influential’ rapper Big Sean. We were on our way back to the car. And this very big bouncer was holding the door open, and yelling ‘Come on in now, come on in!’ in a somewhat friendly manner. So I was like you damn right I’m coming in. And we did. And it was this tiny but fashionably lit place with about 4 t-shirts, and 5 baseball hats chilling on display, and some awkwardly standing people. I approached one of them simply to inquire what is this I’m witnessing before my eyes. And it was a clothing line opening for, I quote, ‘a very influential rapper Big Sean’. I had to admit that I’m not familiar with his work, but based to the 4 fashionably hanging t-shirts will probably most likely check out his ‘dope’ music. And  I did out of curiosity, but like don’t bother yourself. I did like the clever bouncer, and his luring skills.

So that was the weekend. And today we almost died at work. We literally had some computers burn out in the next department, we heard popping sounds, then screaming, and then saw people running out the door. Turns out our wiring was ‘fixed’ few days prior and then that happened. So we all ran outside, stood in the rain in a big confused huddle, until we were ordered back in. But the stench was so bad, we all had to wear surgical masks to prevent ourselves from fainting. And then I suggested we take a group photo and call it ‘Remeber that day we almost died’.

I’m not even making this up. I’ll go rest now.



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One thought on “I’m not even making this up

  1. Please tell me your coworkers agreed to the group photo. I don’t need to see it because I’m sure it will be rotated the other way, although I’m reading this on a laptop right now so it’s easy to turn sideways and see how cool your pictures are.
    Also the laptop currently has no wires so if the wiring has been badly done in my office I’m safe and if my coworkers and I have to run outside I’ll calm everyone down with some “dope” music from an influential rapper because dope makes everyone calm.
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