I’m inspired, and ready to stab someone in the eye

It’s been a super bi-polar week. Do you ever have one of those? One minute you’re so excited, and inspired, and full of life. Another, just about ready to stab someone in the eye with, a fork. Just me then?

First of all, let me finally tell you about the Christmas gift I got for myself. Because this year I decided against gifts for everyone else, but myself. If you ever get the chance definitely go for it. Just apologize in advance to your friends, and loved ones. After all, they’re supposed to accept, and support you no matter what. Put that love to the test.

Anyway, I just happened to see Leica Sofort camera in person a little while ago, and it had me at ‘instant photos’. You see, when I was a kid, my dad had a Polaroid camera, and we would take pictures with it, and then immediately after make the sign of the cross, just in case. Because instant photo technology at the time, and place was borderline magic. So naturally, when I found out that see Insta cameras were making a comeback (which is true, people are tired of meaningless digital snapping), more so under the Leica logo…it became an unhealthy possession. I took about two weeks to think about the whole endeavor, and prevent myself from impulse buying. I did my research and read reviews, and gave competition a fair consideration. Until, I finally went, and bought the damn thing, because I just didn’t care anymore, and simply WANTED IT! As a side note, that’s also how emotional marketing works.

So I did it, I bought my Leica Sofort. And it just so happened that I went with a limited edition color. They were out of stock on the while ones, my original choice. And it was either orange, or limited edition. And we all know that Shrumpf ruined color orange for everyone, so limited edition it was. Which luckily enough, also came with a signature Leica red strap. It looks pretty bad ass.

Strangely enough, I haven’t given it a name yet. I’m open for suggestions.

So now, as one of my friends pointed out, everyone should be expecting pictures of my pictures.

There’s your first taste.

Staying on the subject, on Tuesday my Young Adult friend came over for a photo shoot conducted by @Twisted_Mind, directed by yours truly. It was our first collaborative test challenge, if you will, and it was super fun. Photos came up pretty awesome too. Find me on Instagram, and check them out.

And then the week just went downhill from there. Work problems kept piling up on top of each other, I got this strange irritation on top of my eye, my credit score dropped, and I found out a close friend was diagnosed with cancer. And honestly, there’s no proper way to drop the cancer bomb. It is in early stages, and the surgery is already scheduled. But it’s just not fair. It’s never fair. It will however all work out, and cancer can just go fuck itself.

I didn’t want to leave you with this however. Remember the art challenge I mentioned in my last post? I did a trial doodle, and this might actually work. And keep me occupied. So cheers to that.


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