I’m going to Paris mofos!

So I haven’t written any posts for a while, and I did it on purpose. It’s a slick publicity move. Which is meant to keep you intrigued. Where you intrigued? Not really? Thought so.

It was more like the usual adult life taking over. And I let it for a while, but I’m done now. And I’m back for good.

A few things I have to tell you. I went to the Armory Show on Thursday, and it is probably the largest gathering of contemporary art galleries showing in New York. It’s also probably one of the fanciest. Because the first feeling I got when I walked in was ‘wow, it’s really clean in here’. And it was. It was also very white walls, and very rich people holding champagne glasses. Not my cup of tea, pun intended. It did have a few of the pieces I found interesting, and what this means is I’ll show you some rotating pictures.


See. White walls.

You can never go wrong with a piphole.

Eggo my leggo (whatever that means).

Voodoo doll anyone?


The show is still on throughout this weekend, if you’re local and able to go. It’s also annual, so like you can plan your NYC trip around it or something.

I’m also going to Paris in two weeks. And if it was acceptable, as an adult, to pee your pants I would totally do it. I’m going just for a few days, because still fucking day job. But it’s going to be a spring weekend in Paris, and I’ll be damned if it gets better than that. Also, somebody needs to loan me a beret. And rest assured, I’ll write you all about them French people. Find me on Instagram and Twitter for more current updates.

Overall, it has been a rough couple of weeks, and it’s still cold as fuck outside. But spring is coming, or as they tell us, global warming is coming. And frankly, I’ll take whichever cuz I’m ready for some warmth.


P.S. Pokemons are totally back! They have released an upgrade recently with a shit ton of new Pokemons, and they’re as cutest as ever. This also means walking doesn’t have to be boring anymore. This also means I wonder if French Pokemons are different. Stay tuned and find out?

P.S.S. Ok I’m done now.


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2 thoughts on “I’m going to Paris mofos!

  1. I envy you going to Paris. And going to the Armory Show. It’s kind of weird to me that the Armory Show is still going on because it’s so famous as the event that introduced Americans to Duchamp and Surrealism and where Salvador Dali almost died in front of an audience because he though it would be clever to give a lecture while wearing a diving suit.
    He nearly suffocated and people thought it was just part of the show, which is what happens when you do crazy stuff. It’s why people think at any minute Andy Kaufmann is going to say “It was me all along!” and pull off his Trump mask.
    There’s a Dali museum near the Place du Terte in Paris by the way. His voice literally comes out of the walls which freaked me out.
    And in my experience French people are extremely nice, even to silly tourists who get lost and can barely pronounce “Place du Terte”.
    Christopher recently posted…Walk On Guy.My Profile

    1. You’ve been to Paris, and you know a lot more about the Armory Show than I ever will, so I envy you.

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