I’m back, but not really

Well hello, there. In case you noticed, I’ve been away from posting for some longer than usual time. But that’s just because life. I’ve had a lot of things happening at work, and it’s not blog worthy material. I mean how many posts do you want to read about me bitching about work. Am I right? I felt uninspired, and unproductive, and like this blog is stupid. But I had a great weekend, and I’m back here on my stupid blog. At least for now.


Things I want to tell you. Music. I came across a really cool artist. And it’s the perfect background music for your daily whatever. I like to draw to it. I like to listen to it in the car. And that’s pretty much it, since those are the instances I need background music for. Suduaya. Check him out. Officially this type of music is called psychotrance, I think. And it’s that music where they don’t have any words in it. I’ll be honest, it took me a while to warm up to techno, house, and whatever other electronic variations of sound, but again it is great for when you’re doing something else. Instead of concentrating on words, and signing them badly, you can carry on with your activity, and nobody’s ears suffer. It’s a win win situation. You can find this guy on YouTube or SoundCloud. This last one is a new app for me, and it’s pretty much a hub with a lot of free music in it. I’m not sure what the deal is with them giving out free music like that, but I don’t mind it at all. Also. My DJ friends (Exit32Recordings) are on SoundCloud too, and their music is great, similar genre. So, it’s like I’ve set you up for life. I accept donations, and hand-written thank you notes.


I don’t talk a lot about my significant other, mostly because I like to think I’m the cool one in the bunch. But this weekend he out-cooled me. On Saturday, they had  a company organized hackathon – 9 teams of programmers were creating a brand new software code in the scope of 12 hours, then presenting their ideas. The best idea would win, and receive future life within the company. Still unimpressed, cynical asshole? My significant other was on the panel of judges. Because supposedly he’s important. Maybe that’s why he always forgets to refill toilet paper (annoying). And I got to see and listen to the whole thing. We were Skyped in, and mostly stayed on mute discussing participants, except for the parts where he had to comment on performances, and give them feedback. This was really really interesting to watch, like almost surreal. Moral of this story? Tech people do have the best jobs. And if you’re young, and able, go and re-educate yourself into this industry, or just start dating someone in it.


On Sunday, we decided some outside activity needs to happen. The weather was gorgeous. And so I found this really cool park with sculptures, and as it turned out, with a museum featuring a very well put together exhibition. They had Warhol, people. Nassau County Art Museum. It used to be some rich person’s residence from early 1900s, now turned into a public park. It was beautiful. Especially, since they had contemporary art pieces placed around these well-trimmed premises, and the contrast was very fitting. Oh, you know how I found out about this place? By googling. I just googled things to do in my area, and chose this one. So google everything, you guys. We had an idea to go pumpkin picking, but since my FB feed is literally filled with pumpkin picking people, I just couldn’t. I’ll see you snow angel season.


So, here you go. I’ll shut up now. For who knows how long again. As here’s the picture of me that I like very much because it’s whimsical, and translates my excellent sense of humor. Also, my butt looks real good.


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4 thoughts on “I’m back, but not really

  1. Welcome back. The music of Suduaya sounds like the perfect thing for when I’m working through spreadsheets. Normally I listen to funny podcasts and make mistakes.
    And the best part of the picture of you with the giant slice of pizza is you look like you’re either shocked or about to take a bite of it.
    Or maybe both.
    We can count on the tech world to find a way to make pizza that big real.
    Christopher recently posted…Haint Misbehavin’.My Profile

    1. I was posing as if I’m trying to take a bite of it. Still, think my butt is the best part in this picture.

    1. Yes it is stupid! It’s my blog, I get to call it stupid.
      But seriously, thank you. <3

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