I paints again, and mom approves

I did it. I actually followed through with my plans, and finished my ink drawing. And this NEVER happens. OK fine, it happens, but I’m usually not the one known to follow rules. Even the ones I make for myself. The art challenge that I made for myself is finished. And it took me one whole evening, and some of the beauty sleep time, since I couldn’t go to sleep until it was done. And my beauty probably took a hit, but hey.

Ink Drawing

I’m fairly proud of the end result, even though it turned out to be nothing like planned.

The inspiration behind it was a fairly serious, and bleak city scape, which became into something I called “Houses are people too”. Because look for hidden faces in the buildings. I loved the simplicity of working with this medium (fancy art terminology coming your way) which was really just pen and paper.

Work in progress

All this happened on Monday, and I was expecting my week to go great, right? Wrong. Because then it just all spiriled out of control. I had house problems, leaking pipes, spending the night without heat (again!), insurance agents, plumbing services, and my favorite – spending my anniversary with significant other, without the said significant other. Also, I got this humongous pimple on my face, you know the type you can actually see when looking down. And that is just gross, universe.

But then also on Friday, I got an email that my painting was preselected for an art magazine competition, with a chance to be printed in their next edition. These are the art people 1340 Art Magazine. But don’t check them out just yet, I mean not until they select me. And this might not happen at all, but is exciting nonetheless. This art gig is turning me into a gullible idiot.

And so the week came into full circle. And Federal January Job report is out, and the state of economy looks promising. So I mean, let’s just all breath out for a change, shall we?

P.S. I have been experimenting with stencil art in the past, and when I showed it to my mom she just sort of shrugged. But this time, she went as far as to say my doodle is interesting, and has an energy. In your face art community, mom approves.

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