I might need to restock on my holy water

I’ve been very philosophical lately in my posts, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Let’s get back to reality.

It’s getting cold people, and that means sweater weather. It also means staying inside more, and no more pressure for the outside activities. I thank God and Netflix for changing seasons, and quality entertainment. Speaking of this last one, I highly recommend you watch Mindhunter. It’s about FBI agents interviewing serial killers in order to understand, and classify behavioral psychology behind their actions. And did you know that most of your problems, and insecurities stem from childhood? I KNOW. Anyway, the dialogues really are intriguing, and cultivating. And the only bad thing about the show is the part where you start  diagnosing yourself with some of the psychopath tendencies. So remember, some are quite normal, but a certain combination of them might be disastrous. Nobody knows what that combination is however, so good luck.

Staying on the subject. Yesterday at work, I got to spend 2 good hours looking through surveillance footage. One of employee’s expansive sunglasses were allegedly stolen from her desk, and she was determined to go through 3 days worth of footage, identify, and bring justice upon the guilty party. As her supervisor, I was required to be present. And at first I thought the whole thing amusing, until me eyes began to water, and fingers to freeze since we weer doing this in an ‘especially equipped’ storage room. We were not successful in finding her glasses, nor who might have taken them, we were however happy to know our office has a ghost. Because at about 11 at night, the kitchen lights went off, and one of the computer screens began flashing. And so we have an office ghost, and we named him glitch. Talk about an exciting day at work.

Fitting to the season, I had a heating situation this week. Or rather I had no heat in my apartment this week. And at first I decided to be stoic about it. I’m not sure what my rational behind this was, but it vanished the moment I woke up in the middle of the night feeling how my washed hair, crystallized, and was slowly freezing into my brain. I like my brain, for the most part, so I called building’s maintenance, and they fixed it that same evening. Me: 0, Building : 1.

And then last night my power went out. And I might have had all possible electrical devices plugged in thus overpowering the circuit, but that’s not the point. Clearly the building is keeping score, and I’m expecting floods, and locusts invasion next. I did read the Bible as a child, and feel prepared. I might need to restock on my holy water.

I’ve been on a diet for the past month or so, mostly because all my friends are on a diet, and that’s how peer pressure works. And I’ve had some relative success, but did you know that it’s highly not recommended to drink alcohol whilst dieting?And I’ve been trying to find some happy medium between the two, and even stumbled across this website Get Drunk Not Fat, and all that one pretty much says: you either don’t eat, or don’t drink. The up side of not eating is you getting buzzed faster. And nobody can argue with that logic. I’m also scheduled for this special body treatment message next week, in which I have zero faith.

But then again the lower the expectations, the better the outcomes.

On that positive note, remember they’re watching.

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