I have gas, and a bunch of Pokemons

Ok, I’m seriously not sure what the deal is between me and these municipal organizations, but we don’t seem to be doing well together. Not even in a love-hate relationship way. And more like in a hate-hate relationship way.


I moved recently, and have been living without gas for the past week (I did have hot water and showered (because apparently this was a question that came up at work (I mean wouldn’t you probably notice if I didn’t shower for a week). Anyway, this wasn’t a big deal since I mostly need gas for my morning coffee only. And other times of the day I either eat out, eat healthy like fruits and vegetables, or eat crap like chips and packaged shit. I like to surprise my body with my eating habits. And even this was becoming an issue since I was buying coffee from the corner grocery store, and every damn day I would have to say the same thing ‘Black coffee please. No milk, and sugar. Yes. Nothing. Yes, I’m sure.’   You would think I was asking for baby gorilla tears.


So yesterday I had a scheduled appointment for the gas guy to come in and do his magic. They did inform me ahead of time that he’ll need access to the gas meter, which I imagined was located somewhere in the deep bowels of the basement. So the day before I spoke with the building’s superintendent to make sure he’ll be home, and allow us access to the undergrounds if need  be. So everything was confirmed and ready, and you can tell I was missing making my own damn coffee.


So this guy calls me on the phone informing that he’s almost there, and we have a pleasant chit chat. Then he rings the door, arrives, looks at the stove, and tells me he’ll be right back. After about 10 min, he  calls me back almost yelling that he can’t find access to the gas meter. To which I tell him of course he can’t find it  because I need to get the super who will give him access to the gas meter. At which point he starts actually yelling at me saying that he doesn’t have time for this (for doing your job?), he can’t get to the meter (well, idiot), he’s not going to be running up and down the stair (what? why would you even…) And all I know is if this guy leaves I’ll probably have to reschedule and wait another weak. So I plead for mercy, ask him not to move, and promise to be right there with the super, and the meter in my hands if necessary. Probably sensing weakness in my voice, he screams some more, and hangs up.


And at that moment I feel really sad, and defeated by stupidity of this big, cruel world…So I decide I’m calling the company, and this fucker is going to get it.

I wait on hold for about 30 min. Then get through to the person who can’t locate my account # (which I was reading off of their bill), then can’t see my scheduled appointment, then sees it, but says it’s for disconnecting services, not connecting them, and only then I get to tell her about their lunatic technician. And she immediately flips over to my side, and after a few of ‘he did WHAT?’ ‘no way, guuurl’ ‘sweet jesus’ and ‘nah-ha’ she gets me through to the supervisor, and they reschedule my appointment.


And then two hours later, the nicest guy calls, meanwhile I’m all riled up yell at him ‘yes! I’m waiting, super is waiting, meter is waiting, it’s all accessible, we’re all accessible, and we’re all waiting’. He just says ‘OK, I’ll ring the door then’. And the miracle of gas is born in my apartment. So then I do what any sensible adult would do in this situation, I take a nap.


In conclusion, Pokemons are awesome. Unrelated but true. I have an excellent place next to my house with 7 PokeSpots all beautifully lined up in a row. And on Sunday we just walked for hours catching Pokemons, and it was the best time I’ve had in a while. Also, Pokemons helped me located this holocaust memorial next to my house, which I went to and looked at with all due respect. While catching a Pokemon or two.


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