I have conquered death, but not hang overs

Let me start this with a Wednesday. Because I can.

So, Wednesday was a date night. And I was taken to a French restaurant. And when I was told I’ll be taken to a French restaurant I rolled my eyes, but only in my mind. Because I immediately wanted to follow with a question ‘Will we also hold hands while gazing into the sunset, while braiding each other hair, while signing in harmony?’ But instead I politely accepted the invitation, and might have said something about the whole thing being lovely. I think I read on the internet that’s what ladies are supposed to do. My date also knows about this blog, and will most likely be reading this, so I don’t even know what was the whole point of my make-believe, lady-like behavior. Touché.

So, the restaurant was Le Relais De Venise Le’Entrecote  and do not attempt to memorize this name. I think it might be dangerous for your mental health. The place was nice with small tables, which I was told are typical for France. As a side note to French restaurant owners, you don’t have the need for that much authenticity. We’re in America, there is plenty of space here, drop the tiny tables. The place also didn’t have a menu, I guess because they’re cheap with their tables and their paper. But really, it only served salad for appetizer, and meat as the main entrée, which to me had a typical condescending, French feel as if to say ‘here moron, just eat this.’ The food was good, wine was really good, and our waitress turned out to be Russian. Not only that, but when asked about desert she truthfully admitted it’s off season for the fresh fruit and that peaches taste like potatoes. And we laughed and laughed, and ordered peach desert. Out of curiosity.


Then Friday came, and it will go down as one of the favorite days in my life because I have conquered death. The red ring of death to be exact.  And it’s the name they give when your Xbox stops working from overheating, which is almost as devastating as an actual death. So my date and I had a pre-ordered kit we bought online for fixing this problem (because apparently it’s a common sickness that afflicts all Xboxes) and it required taking the whole thing apart replacing the tiny heating pads on the motherboard, and putting it back together. And I don’t have any pictures for you but we did it, and it worked, and I think I can fly. Or at least fix Xboxes part time.

And then on a Saturday I went to a concert to see 5’nizza. And it’s a Ukrainian band that sings reggae, which under normal circumstances would not be a combination I’d recommend. But these guys are good. That is of you like reggae and good music. The concert was at Webster hall, and it was packed crowded, and the roof kept dangerously shaking from whales being tortured in the room upstairs. I can only assume. And here’s a photographic proof, not of whales that of the band.



P.S. Then Sunday I spent in bed with a book because I was done socializing, and apparently hung over.

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