I have an announcement, unless obviously nuclear annihilation

Ok. So, what had happened was…

After my last post, I receive a fair amount of crap for writing about frivolous activities during the times of suffering. And it’s not like these comments effected me, but they probably did. Because then more times of sufferings followed, and writing about this awesome Photoville exhibition I attended last weekend seemed frivolous again. And then I read more news, and people just kept on suffering, and shooting each other, and at one point we were close to a nuclear annihilation.  Not to make light of all that is happening around the world, but it’s a lot, and it’s insane, and I hope you’re all staying safe, and keeping your feet dry. You know, for health reasons.

Having said that, this weekend I’ll be attending the ComicCon, and I cannot stay silent any longer! I don’t think my consciousness was designed to feel a tinge of regret and compassion when it comes to superheroes, and peoples in costumes, and all things nerd. May God forgive me, and Gandalf be my guide. And you can be damn sure, I’ll write all about it. Unless, nuclear annihilation really does happen then there won’t be much point.

Fall is here. And I’m celebrating it’s arrival with a traditional cold. I haven’t had a single pumpkin spice latte yet, and I feel like a basic bitch with a mission. Also, like OMG are you excited about the foliage yet? Because it’s coming soon! Hire a professional photographer, or be cheap and take a selfie, but that profile pic is not going to update itself. And how about Halloween? Is it your favorite holiday ever? Because that makes us twinsies! And I haven’t even started picking out my whorish outfit yet, talk about life goals.

See. Frivolous is good. It’s actually mostly stupid, but we need that in our lives.

I’ve been apartment hunting for this past month. For those of you who don’t know, I made this big speech about moving to suburbs, and changing my life, and picking up crocheting. And don’t get me wrong there are great things about suburbs that I came to appreciate: like space. It exists. Almost all premises are bigger than 400 sq ft. Hell, ALL premises are bigger than 400 sq ft. Also, taking a walk after a workday is actually really nice. There’s fresh air, and smells that I learned come from nature, and gentle breeze that doesn’t double as garbage gas. There’s not a lot of people, but they all look very much alike. It’s a phenomenon that I learned to adore, sort of.

And then summer ended, my significant other and I looked at each other, and gently whispered ‘we need to get the hell out of here’. We’re not doing anything permanent, but we are getting a city apartment. Or more like a crash pad. Where you can sleep away all your partying away (don’t tell the kids). And it’s been sort of fun, sort of hell. You know, like everything with me – good things come in extremes.

Firstly, there was this difficult task of picking out the neighborhood. It had to be Brooklyn for me, because DUH this blog! (that I stopped up keeping, but still). For him, it had to be in actual city like Manhattan, probably for logical reasons. And at one point we even considered Queens because that would make it easier getting there from our beloved suburbs. And almost every night for this past month I have been going to see different apartments in all three boroughs. It became almost like an obsession, but a fun one at that. I’ve learned so much about NYC geography, and apartment layouts, and real estate practices. I think city brokers might have placed me on an internal crazy lady list.

Anyway. I think we found it. And it’s not finalized yet, so I can’t tell you what and where. All I can say is I’m nervous, and excited, and vary, and not sure what to expect.

To be announced, unless obviously nuclear annihilation.


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One thought on “I have an announcement, unless obviously nuclear annihilation

  1. There’s a lot of terrible stuff in the news but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to talk about it all the time, or that we can’t talk about fun and frivolous things. Heck, I’d like to talk about some of the big sad events but it’s hard to know what to say so I tell jokes instead.
    What I’m getting at is I’ve printed “Frivolous is good. It’s actually mostly stupid, but we need that in our lives” and I’m gonna tape it to the wall.
    Have fun at Comic Con.
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