I got a tattoo. Not really. But I thought about it


So work days can be rather daunting, especially Wednesdays. It’s that day that’s neither here nor there. Previous weekend is done and forgotten, next one is too far to anticipate, so you’re in a limbo of misery and self-pity. If that just describe you, snap out of it drama queen. It’s just another day. Listen to the birds outside and be grateful, or if you can’t hear birds listen to the sirens or office printer making copies. I don’t know, improvise.


I met up with some people this Wednesday at St Marks, East Village. And it’s a worthy neighborhood; if you’ve never been do go. It has some typical open front markets selling useless Chinese-made products, but also a bunch of bars and restaurants and some unique stores. Like Trash and Vaudeville store that sells punk rock and other counter culture clothing. Something you could buy and secretly were at home. Or just have it in your closet as a silent reminder of that rebel that reconciles cash postings during the day. I, however, was not able to get my special piece of garment because we were told we had to check in our bags at the entrance, a request that gave a feeling of corporate bureaucracy more than that of chaos and anarchy.  Maybe we looked like especially gifted shoplifters but they wouldn’t let us pass. So away we went in our normal clothing.


Which was fine because that store was not our point of destination anyway. A tattoo parlor was, because nothing brightens your day more than a freshly painted tattoo. Kidding, we went to eat and have drinks. And we did that at this place Yakitori Taisho which was a Japanese place that served different things on skewers. Meaning food on skewers not just random objects because that’d be weird and I imagine hard to chew. Anyway the food was good and the beer tasted like beer, which is always a plus.


Also, I got to learn what Lomography is because one of our companions was a person into that, and I swear to you these people just find me. So I didn’t remember much of it, but what I got is that Lomography is an old school technique of picture taking using camera and film that provides results equivalent to the effects Instagram creates using filters (extra points for getting that sentence the first time). I bet you lived most of your life not having a slightest idea Instagram had a grandfather. Well, no more. So find this expert on Instagram @indifferoid and see if you can tell which pictures were lomographed vs instragrammed. There’s an activity to kill time at work.


Then on Thursday I met with a girlfriend at Williamsburg to yet again eat and drink. Something about this activity that doesn’t tire me (or I’d rather work overtime than cook at home). And we actually found a really neat Vietnamese place (Bia). Yelp lent a helping hand but I made the final decision so I’m taking the credit. It had a cool interior and Pho soup was right on point. It also had a really nice roof top. It was also raining that night because otherwise life would be too perfect.

P.S. So, I don’t have any pictures to share but since it’s Friday – stay classy, my friends



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