Hong Kong – that really happened.

OK, so I have lots to tell you, and hopefully I’ll get to it in due time, but first I would like to finish my series on Hong Kong. Finally. Let’s make it nice, and concise (I’m talking to myself here).

Continued from here.

[Fair Warning: this post turned out to be super long. So if you get tired, just scroll through pictures, there’s plenty of those]

Day 2

Second day felt considerably better. The trick to getting over jetlag somewhat easier is going to bed by the local time. Do whatever you can to last until that sleepy time, and then magic night fairies come to help, or something like that.

This was a Sunday, and we were on our way to places again. But I really liked this first photo I took.

Which for me represented a typical Hong Kong. But maybe these man were paid actors, who knows.

And then we took the subway again, which by New York standards, did not look typical at all.

It was really, I mean super, nice. Take a moment, and notice those gorgeous people also. Practically everyone was well dressed throughout.  And I have this theory, it’s all because they have reflective glass everywhere, and you’re just reminded of your dress failures over and over and over again, until you get it right. And you gots yourself a nice looking city. Brilliant planning.

And then we arrived. We arrived to this actual, residential estate, which technically has no touristy value. Unless, you’re a photographer, which my significant other is. And so we spent at least an hour there. Him switching in between his cameras, lenses, and film. Me just gazing up with my mouth open. It really was mesmerizing. Even from my phone pictures you’ll get it.

I’m not sure who came up with this color scheme, but it works fairly well with an otherwise overcrowded living situation. Also, for a professional version, fine, a lot more professional version go here.

After that we went to the Hong Kong Cemetery. Because you should know me by now. Located in a place called Happy Valley. How can you not like these people? And it was gorgeous, if you take away the eerie feeling of us being the only people there. It way up on the hill, and man did it have the view.

Notice the geometry between crosses, and skyscrapers. It’s there right? It’s not just me right? Give in goddammit.

After that we took a double decker tram back to the Center because we were meeting some friends for dinner. Fun fact, they have double decker trams, and buses. A nod to being a British colony until 1997. Hope you were ready for that history lesson, punks.

Also, I don’t have any pictures from the dinner because I was enjoying myself too damn much. But I do have this picture on how to annoy someone on a double decker tram.

With a nice Silverone filter. You’re welcome.

Day 3

More Starbucks, more subway, and more residential buildings. We have a routine by this point. This particular one wasn’t as impressive. Also, my forehead decided to score a pimple. I was done with selfies for the day.

You had one job, forehead.

Luckily for, us our next destination was the Chin Lin Nunnery, and boy did it exceed all expectations. I had the breath knocked right out of me. It was so meticulously perfect, and beautiful, with wooden temples, and water pools, and bonsai tree gardens. I mean, we literally saw nuns trimming leaves and taking notes. Each leaf probably had it’s own name, and a little hat for Christmas. Or whatever the equivalent of Christmas in Buddhist culture. None of the picture I took would do it justice. Ok here’s one, but imagine that quadrupled.

Adjacent to the Nunnery was a garden. And it was just shit. No I’m kidding, it was also beautiful, and peaceful, and serene. It was so peaceful that after about an hour my restless soul needed to get out of there. Otherwise, I would just wonder it’s paths endlessly, and think kind thoughts. I couldn’t let that happen.

Just so you understand, they had a rock garden. And seeing a rock garden has been my dream for forever. Dreams come true. Also, now I need a new dream. It’s like this rock garden gave me a chore.

Anyway, after that we finally took pictures of our food, which was long overdue if you ask me. Behold dim sum!

Oh my god, the day is still not over. I’m tired from just describing it. We did take a few hour break in our hotel room. And then headed off to the Victoria Peak for the best city views ever. Bonus point if you come at night because it’s just a magic of light, and human superiority over nature. And if nature chokes me tomorrow, you’ll know why. But seriously, check this out.

Day 4

On this day, we decided on a whole day trip to a neighboring island of Lantau to see the world’s second largest Buddha statue. It seemed like a good idea at the time. And it was. There are multiple ways to get there, and opinions seem to vary widely. We took a subway, and a cable car both ways. Albeit, the wait lines at the cable cars are considerable, about 40 minutes each way, but how often do you get to travel in a cable car? Also, they have Wi-Fi, and Pokémons. Although, same as our Pokémons so that was disappointing. The view however wasn’t.

The supposed village of Ngong Ping was more like a tourist trap with stuff to sell, but can ya blame them? They did have cows just walking around the premises, and that made me happy. And then we climbed all the 268 steps up to the Buddha stature, and so the burger I ate before had no chance. There he was big, yet tranquil in its presence.

That evening we almost made to the Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights show. But the we didn’t because we got stuck in traffic. So we just had a couple of pints of beer, and imagined it was beautiful. Also, probably around this point I began noticing that I’m just about done hearing Chinese language around me ALL the time. Not to mean any disrespect, but there’s only so much Tsim Tsai Tsuy a person can take. As my Wednesday Friend rightfully observed, it’s like getting a manicure that never ends (this reference only works if you live in New York).

Day 5

This was the day of our departure, so naturally we decided to just take it easy, and rest before the journey. Or actually not at all. We decided to take a cruise around the harbor, and boy was it worth every penny. Which is an inaccurate description because it wasn’t even that expensive. But the pleasure of just sitting on this gorgeous ship, while taking in surroundings was the perfect end to this journey.

And we even made it to our flight.

In conclusion, it was fucking awesome. There is nothing to conclude, I don’t know why I have to explain myself here.

Hugs and kisses

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