Home alone

So once in a while you get those days when you don’t feel like doing much. Going to work doesn’t count because that’s just autopilot and you do it regardless of your feelings. With all the progressive stuff going on in the work field, at let’s say at big tech companies, you hear about free snacks, gaming rooms, standing desks, free gym memberships and what not, I say the only thing they need is about 30 days a year off for the reason something along the lines ‘because I didn’t feel like it’. Somebody give me a company and make me a policy maker.

Anyway, these past days were like that for me. My boyfriend fled the country, or went on a business trip, whatever. Most of the friends seemed preoccupied. I could technically find some people fillers. You know those acquaintances you don’t call unless there is absolutely nothing else to do. But I didn’t and instead decided to spend some quality time with myself. Whatever that meant.

Here are my findings. Your truest friend in this scenario is Netflix. Because there is a ton of TV shows to watch and I started several: Don’t trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 – vaguely based on Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie and kind of funny, Hemlock Grove – about mystery and witchcraft and werewolves, which is ok if you’re into that, and Portlandia – which takes Hipster to a ridiculous level and is actually a lot funny, but there is only so much Netflix you can take.

Then I read a book by Nora Ephron ‘I feel bad about my neck’ which should be read if you’re a woman over 50. Being clever and all it describes struggles of a life for a woman over 50, which doesn’t quite relate to me yet. Not to offend anyone, but instead of a funny book I read it as a horror reference for the future life.

Then I spent some quality time with my cat. I don’t think she appreciated it much.

I started a guided meditation practice. That is supposed to last 21 days. And you can guess who the first early dropper-outer will be.

Then I spent an evening ‘pampering’ myself. Meaning I had a face mask while having a bubble bath while listening to female empowering songs. And that felt great, my pores were clean, but I had trouble getting out of the bath because the building’s heating system is not on yet. Still.

I drank a lot of tea. And I don’t particularly like drinking tea but in my imagination that’s what you’re supposed to do on a homey, chilly evening. And tea is ok, but it’s not exactly alcohol if you know what I mean.

I made myself dinner, which seemed like a lot of effort and kind of self-absorbent to spend that amount of dirty dishes just to feed myself. And it felt like a betrayal to a Chinese place across the street that exists because of people like me.

And then I gave up and texted my friend asking to meet. Maybe because I was fully energized by this alone time. But most likely because we’re social creatures and crave company. And also, because next on my alone to-do list was cleaning, and who has the time for that anyway.

P.S. A picture home-alone

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