Hitler inspired weekend

This weekend had a German theme to it. Because it started with grilled sausages and ended with a fascist car that reminded me of Hitler. But I’m running ahead of myself.


Not much else German related actually happened. Grilled sausages did happen, as part of a desperate end-of-the-summer attempts to grill everything there could possibly be grilled because in the words of Stark family ‘the winter is coming’ (Game of Thrones reference, in case I have to explain myself). And who knows what’s waiting for us in the winter maybe not starvation but also not BBQ ribs. So, feel free to start packing back those pounds because soon enough we are about to get saved, in the form of large sweaters. Don’t do it too fast though because there still Labor Day coming up and who knows you might get invited somewhere fancy. But definitely let loose after that. I’m not saying you should get fat, but if you were considering it – that’s the time to do it. You’re welcome.


In any case, it’s not easy to eat much lately because it’s so damn hot still. I’ve written about the heat before. There is not much to add, other than a fact that it’s still here.  Oh, and there actually was the air quality alert, which I guess was meant to alert you not to breathe, and which I’m sure saved many innocent lives (I don’t have any statistical data to support this claim).


As a side note, do not agree to do anyone, any type of favor, ever. I try to make this my life’s mantra but sometimes I get tricked into situations of providing assistance onto others. More specifically, do not ever agree to help editing somebody else’s research paper.   Mostly because it’s time consuming and boring, and mostly because your ass cheeks will get sweaty from all that computer sitting in this weather. I’m talking from life experience here, people.


After doing this and that without much enthusiasm and success on Saturday, reluctant but condemned I agreed to leave the house on a Sunday, and go visit an antique car show. I have never been to a car shows, let alone the one with old cars. And somehow the ideas of sweltering heat and ancient piles of metal completed each other. Apart from feeling like a hyperactive ball of sweat glands, the show was actually cool.IMG_20150816_142025


And then I saw a car that looked like a fascist car, and reminded me of Hitler, and I just had to take this picture.


P.S. Don’t hold me accountable for my actions. Any of them.

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