Happy, Jittery, or both?

Ok, ok, I’m super hyper today. Because I slept a lot over this weekend. And I feel rested, which is a strange feeling  for me, and my body doesn’t know what to do with all this spare energy, so I’m jittery. Which probably proves that I shouldn’t be resting this much, right? I should just stick to the old, familiar, exhausted look.


Anyway, this weekend was great. And I hope yours was too. And look at that. All this spare energy is now turning me into a nice human too?


So, this Saturday we took our newly purchased paddle board out for a test drive. Finally the weather permitted. Summer, you asshole, what took you so long? You might remember that I went on a trip to Florida a month ago, and got to try paddle boarding, and liked it so much that we stole the thing and brought it with us to New York. I wish. We had to buy a new one because it’s way too big to steal. Otherwise, you know, anything could have happened. And it was fun. Nothing crazy happened we just cruised along the shore line, me on paddle board, significant other on a kayak. At some point my knees started to shake, not because I was scared, but because my non-existing leg muscles were being tested, and were all like ‘what the hell lady, get the muscles here first, then test us.’ So yeah. You never notice how out of shape you are until you attempt an athletic activity. Which makes you less likely to participating again, which makes you more out of shape. Just saying.


After about 40 min of this strenuous activity we vegged out the rest of the day. Which was pretty damn nice. We also accidentally stumbled upon a really great movie with Sean Penn This must be the place. Honest recommendation. And we do tend to stumble upon great movies and always think that going forward there will be nothing else to watch, and then we find something else to watch! Makes me happy (this rested energy is turning me into a gullible idiot).


A few cool, but random things happened on Sunday. So I’ll tell you about them. Randomly.


Note to crafty people: Michael’s is the store you want to be in. Quite seriously. I am not a crafty person myself because I don’t have enough patience to be creating anything with my own hands, when you can just go and buy it. I just find the whole idea fucking pointless. I might have an anger management problem. Anyway. My dad used to be into woodworking, and he was really good at it, but he stopped, and his tools disintegrated into thin air. And then I’ve been trying to find woodworking tools for him for a couple of years now, to no avail. Until this Sunday I found them at Michael’s! I can’t even describe to you how excited I was/still am about this. So there, woodworking and whatever other things, you talented people, do with your free time, check out Michael’s.


Since I’m being all helpful and shit here. Here’s a recipe! Yes, we’re doing this. A recipe. On Sunday I was thinking of something good to eat, something to treat myself for being awesome and stuff. And then I had a sudden urge for a steak, a good, old chunk of meat (I can feel you vegetarians crying here. Sorry, not sorry). So we got meat and I marinated it.


olive oil,

kosher salt,


fresh rosemary


then I let it sit in room temperature for at least 40 min, and viola. It was sooo good. It even looked good.



Another cool thing happened. Recently I have discovered this very funny blogger lady halfa1000miles. And so I subscribed to her, and you should too because this is not a democracy. So then, on Thursday she tweets me saying that she tried to subscribe to my blog and got a failure message. So I got pissed because I now needed to fix this, and ecstatic because there’s actually somebody trying to subscribe. So I fix it and forget all about it. Until halfa1000miles tweets me again, saying ‘look, I subscribed’. And so I’m like ‘sweet man, thanks’. And she’s like ‘no problem man, and I’m actually at a blogging conference right now’. So then I’m like ‘whaaaat. #jelous’ (yes, I actually wrote that). And then she went and did this


‘I’m at a blogging conference remembering to try to subscribe to you again. You must be pretty special :)’


So then I ran over to my special other yelling ‘LOOK AT THAT. LOOK AT THAT.’


So…I’ll just be over here all happy and jittery.

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5 thoughts on “Happy, Jittery, or both?

  1. I LOVE finding new blogs to enjoy.

    My tribe is so very awesome and loyal and shit. Comment on my stuff a couple of times and they will all come check you out! Thanks for the shout out. You rock 🙂
    halfa1000miles recently posted…The Neighborhood WeirdoMy Profile

  2. Good choice. Paddle boarding rocks! And I do relate to those unchallenged tiny muscles being forced to produce, don’t forget the feeling of those muscles 2 days later. Good read.

    1. The 2 days later feeling is complete murder.
      Thank you!

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