Happy Birthday, Alex. (you’re not getting a clever title for your birthday)

Ok, I have a very important post for you guys, but twitter is being very distracting and I’m suffocating from all the laughing I’m trying to suppress, while trying to work. We have a lot of fun on twitter, come find me there @thebooklynite.


Anyways, yesterday was an awesome night. And it was so  awesome, I’m going to use below picture to express my feelings.



My dear, and talented, and all-around great person Alex Fogo had a Birthday yesterday. And you know, as I was typing this I realized I don’t know how old he turned. I’m probably a bad friend.


But not only were we celebrating his birthday yesterday, we were celebrating anniversary of their label launch. Because if you don’t remember, I mentioned that Alex has his own record label. And this record label produces music because that’s just what record labels are supposed to do. I’m pretty sure mother nature intended it that way. Exit 32 Records is their name and techno music is what they do. And even if you’re not a club person, you should listen to techno music because all the cool kids are doing it. And if that’s not convincing enough, techno music serves as a great background for any type of activity. Like seriously. And if even that’s not convincing enough, Exit 32 Recordings music is available on SoundCloud (app) for FREE. It’s like angels got upgraded and started making music. So find them on SoundCloud, or Instagram, or Facebook, or BeatPort. Seriously these guys are like all over the place. End promotion (unpaid one (just saying)).


So about last night. They rented out this house with children. Or actually a TBA Brooklyn nightclub in Williamsburg. But saying house with children makes it sound a lot more creepier.


See? House with children.


And we got there around 9, and nobody was there. Like Alex was there, his wife was there, his little brother was there, and these two dudes from Madrid (more detail on them later), and that’s it. In this nice, and empty nightclub. And I seriously thought to myself ‘wow, this party sucks’, and ‘this is probably the saddest party ever’, and ‘I seriously don’t know how I’m going to write a blog about this’. But as you see – easy. I’m already doing it. Also to cut to the good stuff, we came way too early. Because it turns out all legit parties don’t start until 12, Tuesday or no Tuesday. Who are these party people, and why aren’t they working. Like seriously who are you? I want to be you. And as the time rolled a bunch of people started piling in, and Alex started playing, and I made everyone dance. Ok maybe not everyone, but like three people. I made three people dance. Including myself. There was this fourth guy too, but he kept shifting back and forth, so I don’t think he counts. Anyway, it was great. And I even took a picture, and I remember thinking ‘wow, I’m so happy there are people at this party’.

Proof. People at the party
Proof. People at the party

*Why is this sideways? Technology is being a dick today.


But until everybody got there we got to talk. And I got to own the coolest hat on earth. With Exit 32 Logo, so it’s like they’re using me as a free billboard, but two things: their logo looks awesome, and that hat is super hipster. Also, I like being used as a free billboard, thank you very much.


img_1587*AHAHAHAHA. I’ll fix it later. Maybe.


Umm. What else. Oh, the two Madrid guys. Turns out they are truly from Madrid, and they are DJs, and they flew out here to work on/for Alex’s label. I’m not sure about their business arrangements.  But who cares, I had a hipster hat on my head, a drink in my hand, and two Madrid guys at my side. They were super chill. And we talked about politics. Because obviously. And did you know that Spain is a Monarchy? I didn’t, and I felt almost horrible, but then Alex was like ‘I had no clue’. So, we giggled and high fived each other in celebration of our ignorance.

And it was great. Did I say it was great? Go listen to their music!

P.S. He still doesn’t curse. For that to make sense, read my previous post.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Alex. (you’re not getting a clever title for your birthday)

  1. Maybe it’s just my age but I find it’s impossible to not dance to techno. At least that’s the way I felt when I was in high school and first heard “What’s On Your Mind” by Information Society which I thought was techno but probably isn’t and I should stop talking before my dentures fall out. I want to be one of those hip old dudes who just sits back and lets you kids do your own thing.
    That’s why I’m not going to say that “Fogo” is the perfect DJ name because it can rhyme with “fo’ sho”.
    Christopher recently posted…The Bird Is Not The Only Word.My Profile

    1. Yeah, better don’t say that last phrase. 🙂

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