On going to Barcelona, creepy antique photos, and some good rap

OK, so a lot has been going on and most of it was actually positive. I KNOW. When does that ever happen. So that’s my excuse for not being here because I was literally pulled out of my head, where I like to spend most of my time, and into real life. And it’s nice, I’ve been busy with work stuffs, meeting other people stuffs, doing fun things stuffs, doing not so much fun things stuffs, you get the idea.

But tomorrow I’m flying to Barcelona. And we had another ‘massive winter storm’ hit New York today, so instead of excitement I spent most of my time obsessively checking on flight statuses. Not cool. It’s looking better now, and I am still due to depart, so I’m remembering Christian childhood, and saying lots of prayers. I hope I still got them right. Barcelona is about to happen you guys, find me on Instagram as I hopefully will be making your life miserable with awesome updates. Or maybe a little brighter. It’s all in the perspective, ya’ll.

What else. I went to flee market in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan the other weekend. And I’m pretty sure it’s a re-occurring event so check it out if in the area. Because I surely did make my questionable purchase, which was a collection of these old, antique photos of random people. And I just had to have them in my life. Then we went wandering around DUMBO, Brooklyn and a natural idea popped into my head, which resulted in this photo.

And so now this is an art project, shall we call it that, of me taking my antique people to places. It’s just the perfect amount of creepy. So stay tuned.

I went to a concert, but it was for an old Russian rock band so it won’t make any sense for most of you. I did go with my sister, and she used to sing me these rock songs to put me to sleep, whenever our parents left her to babysit. And it brought back a lot of good memories. Also, my sister is kind of awesome. I guess the point here is do make an effort to reconnect with places, people, songs, blanket forts, whatever, I’m not judging.

Oh another thing, one of my oldest friends, like really truly I know him since high school kind of thing, began reading rap. And my initial reaction was ‘ouch, man, how did life go so wrong?’ But once I listened, it actually turned out good. Fairly good, I mean I’m not the expert, but it has rhyme and reason to it. So check him out 9immigrant, would ya? It is all in Russian, but since we have Putin spies everywhere you might as well start getting used to it.

And I leave you with that reassuring thought. Ta-Ta!

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