Go ahead, feel special

Ok, so let me start by telling you that I’ve discovered a great restaurant last week on a Tuesday. And I didn’t have any context to put this into to tell you about it earlier. I don’t have much of that now either, but you have to know. And I’m not getting paid to do this, so this somewhat adds to my credibility. But, finally finally in our neck of the woods, a decent restaurant opened. And I mean we have a number of good eateries, but whenever my friends and I decide to go out in style it always has to be either Manhattan, or Williamsburg, or at the very least Bay Ridge. The rest of Brooklyn, or most of it, is still lurking in the dark ages when it comes to fine dining. I am ‘proud’ to announce this is still true, except this one place – Wise Expresso Bar, on Coney Island. And this pace was nice. We walked into a very pleasant, stylish atmosphere, it had a smart, to the point menu, and reasonable and underscore that – reasonable prices. The two of us ordered a bottle of wine, some appetizers, and a salad that we shared. Because forever diet. And our bill came up to $66. Now, whenever there is a bottle of any sort involved in an order, expect to leave a quarter of your rent, and a left kidney. But this was different and I genuinely left that place happy. You have gots to visit, people.


You might ask why Tuesday and why restaurant. Well because it was an international women’s day. And I know almost every day now is a day of something. Like today is a day of Pie, I’m dead serious, as in mathematical Pie, not the one you eat…you know…this thing π … never mind. So last Tuesday it was an international women’s day, and this is a big deal in Ukraine, Russia and some other countries, maybe even Europe. And us whom originated form such places, tend to celebrate this holiday because why the hell not.


And what you do is you preferably start your day with a strong female empowering anthem. Like for me it would be: ‘I crashed my car into the bridge, I don’t care, I love it.’ Not because I ever crushed my car into the bridge, but if such an occurrence were to happen, I can definitely picture myself breaking into this songs. At least quietly. Until police arrives.


So, then you continue celebrating this day by congratulating all the females in your life for, well, being a female, and they congratulate you right back in return. So it’s a lot of vagina love going around all day. Meanwhile, men are generally not allowed to comment, participate, or pretty much give off hints of their existence. What smart men do do is they get their females a bouquet of flowers, which are then automatically generated into an endless stream of posts on Facebook.  And then you grab your girlfriends, and go out. So, next year – join in.


And then this weekend was a quite one for me. Because contrary to how it may seem, I do have a day job with a fairly important set of responsibilities, and a group of people that require my sensible guidance to manage them. I feel very important some days. And because of that I spent most of Saturday playing Xbox Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, because I was done being a responsible adult, and was in dire need to shoot some zombies, while being a plant. In my head, this makes sense.


P.S. And here’s an exclusive picture of my flower from last Tuesday. Never before seen on Facebook. Go ahead, feel special.


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