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First things first, remember the good people of LOLA I told you about in my last post? Well, we did end up getting in contact with each other, and they did give me a promo code for friends, and family, and what not. And since you’re my friends, and family, and what not here it is: lkolisnyk2 for a $5 discount. And before you wine that it’s so small, just check them out, and make a conscious decision about signing up with them. And I’m just possibly saving you $5. Buy extra gum with it or something.

Today was another snowstorm here in NYC. And I got to work from home. And the snowstorm wasn’t even that bad. Also, working from home sucks. Because mostly people are just really confused and panicky, and if you’re not one of the confused and panicky, you end up the one who does most of the work. So there’s my tad bit of advice to you in life, just act confused and panicky. Also, I’m exhausted. Also, cats are really annoying if you spend the whole day with them.

Then I went to clean my car from all the snow, and to make sure I could leave for work tomorrow. And then I checked the weather to see maybe if the snow will just melt, and I don’t have to clean the car. And I realized it was the first time I checked the weather for practical reasons, like a fucking responsible adult. Because before that I mostly relied on my mom calling, and telling me to dress extra warm today. And that’s how I realized I’m probably an adult now. And it’s sad. Also, mom didn’t call. But called dad, and asked whether I need help with the car.

Also, I’m leaving for Paris on Thursday. In case you forgot, I just wanted to rub that in your face one more time. And I’m feeling mostly excited, and tired because now I have figure out my outfits.

Life is hard. Stay warm.

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