Get scared shitless, and pay money for it

So, purely for research purposes, to obtain material for this blog, and provide you people with interesting information I went to see a show. I am most definitely lying, I went to see it because I wanted to, but doesn’t it make you feel special? Exactly. So, you’re welcome. You can be forever grateful to me later.


Anyway, I went to this thing called Sleep No More. And it’s hard to call it anything because it’s a lot of things and none of them at all. It’s a haunted house/play/show/mystery/five floors, so wear comfortable shoes. If you go on the website for this event it doesn’t give you much information, and that’s done on purpose to leave you guessing, and sort of unsure of what to expect. But I’ll be giving you insights because I can, and because I didn’t sign anything so hopefully no jail time will be involved.


The building used to be a historic hotel. You get there and they take away your coats, including bags, and cellphones, and strip you naked. The last part is not true, but you most definitely feel vulnerable without your phone. You do get the option of keeping it, which I went for, but truthfully I advise to go for that prehistoric, phone-less look – it adds to the effect. Then some good looking actors (that are also really tall, and I’m tall myself, but they’re event taller, so like freakishly tall) give you masks and take you in an elevator and set you free in an insane asylum. And it’s a make believe insane asylum. It’s just rooms with bathtubs and hospital beds, but boy do they have a good set designer because it’s a very believable insane asylum. Everything down to the hospital smell is there and sends shivers done your spine. I kept giggling all throughout the evening, but that’s just what I do when I’m nervous. Hopefully, I looked fearless laughing my way through and not like I actually belong there. Also, you’re not supposed to speak, but I kept dropping an occasional f-word. To express my fondness for the event, I assure you.


In defense of my profane language, there was one room that had a child’s crib with headless dolls hanging above it. See what I mean.

hard to see, but you get the feel


So you get to walk around and look at creepy stuff, and explore rooms, and off to the next floor. And then the next. And then actors start popping up. And they start acting out some incomprehensible plot right in front of you, and there is a bunch of them throughout the building, and you get to choose and follow whichever one you like. They all end up doing some messed up, freaky things. And you keep losing your friends, then finding them and hugging like you just lived through apocalypses, and then losing them again. Events seem to escalate at one point. For me it was some type of demon worshiping dance party. And I wasn’t scared anymore because this was well into the second hour of roaming through that building, and my mind did some type of weird adjustment thing, and  I was like ‘oh look, a demon worshiping party, nice light effects’ (the light effects were nice).


Anyway, it’s hard to tell what the whole story was about because it felt like just a collection of bizarre events. There is definitely a desire to go back and follow another actor and see another piece of the story, so props to the marketing people who came up with the idea.

As an incentive for living though the whole thing, you get to keep the mask and scare your neighbors or use it in a sex foreplay. I’m not judging.

P.S. We also happened to find a pub in the neighborhood with an exceptional Guinness on tap (Maggie Reillys). I can die happy now. Not that I was planning on that, but you know what I mean.

Free masks!
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