German made hearing aid batteries

In case you were wondering what’s it like to have a blog it’s actually kind of fun. It’s also a lot like being a madman and talking to an empty room. So, if you would describe yourself as a fun madman by all means you should have a blog. I am volunteering my services in helping with the set up. Or better yet, I will publish anyone able and willing to get out there into the wide web. In all seriousness, message me in the suggestions section.


So, one of the perks of having a blog is getting spam comments. A lot of webmasters complain about them and I honestly disagree. There are boring ones offering to improve your site speed and visibility and increase your penis. And then there are those:


‘German made hearing aid batteries’ – the title by itself gets you hooked immediately. Because you know German engineering is behind it, and German engineering is reliable and you’re confident about it. Customer trust won immediately. Now, is that a great marketing tactic or what? Hearing aid – that’s of course not for everyone because your hearing might be just fine. But what if you were looking to amplify your hearing and here comes this German company with a reliable product and it gets you thinking, right? Maybe you can buy these and save them for when you’re old and start having actual hearing problems. You’re thinking ahead and planning for your future, your parents would be proud. Hell, you’re proud of yourself already. But then it ends with ‘batteries’. And you’re like ‘Darn it’ now I need to buy a hearing aid separately because you can’t miss out on this great offer for German made batteries. What if it’s exclusive and by the time you need actual batteries for the hearing aid there will be only China made ones. You don’t want that in your life.


Then the text of the message. ‘This won’t work for Outlook 2007’ – the hearing aid won’t work or the batteries? I’m confused. And I wander which Outlook version I have. But then I’m told that my ‘older version of Outlook will be upgraded no matter what’ and at least that’s covered, and I don’t need to worry about my Outlook version anymore.


‘Rechargeable batteries undergo self-discharging when left unused’ – all true. That’s just a useful piece of information.


‘Most likely you will first be familiarized with all of the parts of the hearing aid’ – now, you not only need to buy a hearing aid but to familiarize yourself with all its parts? Watch your tone, spam comment, you’re getting pushy.


What have we learned here?  Hearing aids apparently work with Outlook 7 BUT not older versions; however automated update is guaranteed so technically don’t worry about it. But, in case you’ll be having trouble with your hearing aid you might want to check your Outlook version and/or spam folder. Don’t worry about the batteries too because there is a great German company that makes them, its name is undisclosed but I’m sure if you just google German-made-hearing-aid-batteries company you’ll come up with something.


I reality we learned nothing useful here, people. But the offer to publish anybody with some clever text on any topic imaginable still stands.


P.S. Here is a link to some great deals on hearing aid from Amazon 

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