Flat tire, driving ticket, and some Twitter wisdom

Ok, I’m seriously not cool with life right now because it seems to be kicking me in the ass quite a lot lately. To the point that I’m re-thinking of becoming a good person or something. To the point that I’m this close to opening a non-profit for baby gorillas. Because that’s what this world needs: more good people, and baby gorillas. Don’t quote me on this.

Anyhow, yesterday might have taken the golden medal, if there was a golden award for being a dick day.

It started with rain. The morning started with rain. And it’s hard enough to drag your helpless body to work everyday as is, more so when the weather decides to be all shitty and wet. I think we should have at least one annual holiday called ‘take a shot, and go back to bed’. But I was driving to work as usual, until this ditch out of nowhere happened, and I heard a very unpleasant sound, which I later learned is the sound of an exploding tire. Naturally I panicked the fuck out, but like in a controlled manner because I was still behind the wheel, and slowly made it to my work’s parking lot. I was hoping the tire situation could wait until after work.

The following happened: I got out of my car, my boss happened to be getting out of her car, and our regular parking attendant was coming towards us. And the three of us met, and stared at this.

Then I said – ‘I’m going to be late’

My boss said – ‘OK’

Parking attendant said – ‘you have you tire lock with you, right?’

And I said – ‘the what now?’

To which with some noticeable exasperation he searched through my car, gave me a thingy, and said ‘this is a lock, give it to them at the repair shop’. And then I drove to a nearby tire shop with the lock in my hand, which did turn out to be useful in the whole tire replacement business. Live and learn.

And this easily could have been a tell-tell sign to just turn around and go home, but I didn’t. Because I’m responsible like that, also because my boss already saw me.

Did you think I had a quite day at work reminiscing about how unfair life is? More like dealing with three applicants applying for a single open position. You feel bad, until you don’t anymore.

So after staying late and catching up on some stuff, I was ready for the day to be over. But the day apparently wasn’t over with me. On my way home, I was pulled over by the cops, and issued a ticket. Granted for an illegal turn, but FUCKING HELL. It’s like public transportation was calling my name.

I did make it home in one piece, and Netflix was there to console me, along with my significant other. As one Twitter wisdom says #madeit.


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One thought on “Flat tire, driving ticket, and some Twitter wisdom

  1. An accountant I know says in her office they get at least one “mental health day” per month every month except April. That used to sound like a good idea to me until just now when I remembered April is the rainiest month in addition to being the cruelest.
    And even though regular sized gorillas terrify me I do think we need more baby gorillas because they are pretty darn cute. I think they’d be a good therapy animal for mental health days.
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