Facebook is for old people

So I’ve been sick these past couple of days. Nothing lethal and more like a common cold, and more like a pain in the ass. Or more like a pain in the head that coincidentally feels like an ass because it can’t function properly. But I decided to ‘power through’ this one = load up on medication, and show up to work, and sneeze in a 5 mile radius, and then make mental bets with myself on who’s getting it next. Ah, the guilty pleasures.


Over this weekend I have learned that Facebook is for old people. Let that think in for a bit. So, I was talking to a 13-year-old and then in a whimsy of habit quickly checked Facebook on my phone, and she said: ‘who checks Facebook anymore, it’s for old people.’ And then I went ‘What….what did you just say?’ Innocence of age and all, she just repeated herself and I was lost for words. Why oh why, the cruel social media do you keep upgrading yourself. So then I asked what do youngsters prefer these days (a touch of irony lost in my words). And she told me: Instagram and Snapchat. And then I felt a little better because I use Instagram and do like it more than Facebook. But Facebook I use too, mostly because my mom joined not so long ago. And Facebook is her primary source of knowing that I’m alive and well: ‘I mean as long as I keep liking stuff on Facebook, I’m fine, mom. How many times should we go through this?’ (that didn’t actually happen)


But then Snapchat is something I only heard of. If I recall correctly it’s a service where you send pictures to your friends (mostly of yourself and hopefully dressed. I’m not judging) and you can add short messages to them. The neat thing about it is the pictures disappear from the receivers phone in a given amount of time. So it’s like you’re playing God with your pictures: God giveth, God taketh. This is done so that your so called friends wouldn’t use your embarrassing pictures against you in case decide to run for president. It’s only safe to assume that Snapchat was created by a person with a ton of embarrassing pictures, and is not a president.


After the aforementioned (this is a cool word I once heard our CFO use. It’s so ridiculous, I love it) so the aforementioned conversation happened, and I immediately downloaded Snapchat. Because an opinion of a 13-year-old is important in my life. Whatever. But I really was curious to see this new platform of sharing thoughts, and ideas, and kitten pictures. And I downloaded it and nothing happened because none of my friends have it. Probably because they’re old. And this probably classifies as failure, and also calls for a petition ‘Facebook is immortal’. Come on people, let’s refuse to be old.


And then I watched Super Bowl on Sunday, for the first time in my life. Just so you realize I had to google the name to confirm, because it would make more sense for this event to be named Super BALL, not BOWL. It’s not like they’re tossing salad and are using bowls to go with it. Anyway. I did give it two full hours of my life, falling victim to the pressure applied by my significant other. The stupid things we do for love. But what I learned is it’s arguably definitely more enjoyable to watch anything if you know at least some of the rules.  I don’t like rules.


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2 thoughts on “Facebook is for old people

  1. Hehe. I love the cat pic. I agree. I don’t understand football. At all. Facebook is for old people, huh? I guess I’m in the right place then. I popped over from Rubber Shoes. Nice to meet you!

    1. milanyk

      Hello and welcome 🙂 thanks for stopping by and dropping a note. Love Rubber Shoes! And hope even if you’re not in the right place, you’ll just enjoy the damn out of it :))

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