Eat, see art, play Lego

So, this weekend was the Labor Day weekend. You’re welcome, if you missed it. Although if you did, that probably means you had to work and it didn’t mean jack shit to you. Our hearts go out to you non-normalized working schedule people.


For the rest of the heard, I hope many got the chance to get away and do the farewell summary things. Although, chances are this heat will stay well through October and we’ll be doing the LAST swim, BBQ, or whatever other crucial outside activity for the last time at least several more time. Besides, internet is full of suggestions on what to read, and what to see, and what not to read, and what not to see to avoid the fall’s season blues. So I’m sure, if you follow all the couple of thousand life hacks closely and keep your wits intact, it’s all jolly times from there.


I started my weekend with a dinner on a Friday night with a couple of friends. Which wasn’t much significant, as we all behaved decently (I know, what the hell). But the place was nice, they had a live DJ, food was excellent, service exceptional and I thought I should share this one with you. Tis was 1001 Nights, Mediterranean cuisine, and it’s on Sheepshead Bay (there aren’t any sheep, or heads. At least, not that I’ve seen). It’s not your typical hipster location, but do check it out if in the neighborhood.

Then on Saturday we did get out of city to celebrate my Wednesday’s Friend birthday. And this was also nice and decent. I’m really not sure what’s up with this whole decency phenomenon throughout the weekend. But shout out to her for getting a year older. She’s is going to love the getting older part. Not really, she’ll totally freak. Yet again.


And then on Monday, we decided to stay in the city. Because all this talk about Italy, and Bahamas, and what not – just enough already, am I right? We went to check out what turned out to be the coolest museum I have seen yet. Don’t be offended by the title museum, the place is awesome. Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum is currently featuring #howposterswork exhibition, which  immerses you into the types and techniques of poster printing, design, and audience experience. No, I don’t know if you’ll ever use this in real life, but go learn something new.  The experience is amplified by this Pen they give you, and it lets you save works you favored (the type of ‘like’ we’re all used to) to a website with your unique access. Follow the link below to check out my exquisite taste

The same pen is used on, I assume to be, digitized tables, and you get to draw random wiggles on them that then get projected onto the walls. I personally recommend spending all your time on the way there imagining all the random stuff you’ll be drawing, because it will hold up the line of people behind you, and most definitely annoy them. Ah, the guilty pleasures.

Alas, my creation
Alas, my creation


After all that art enthusiasm, be ready for the hunger to kick in. We concurred ours with deliciously edible lobster rolls at Luke’s lobster. Some guy was behind the counter, and it even might have been Luke himself.


The day ended with some Lego Playing. You heard it. Manhattan’s High Line is currently scoring some Lego buildings that are open for public experimentation. And should I convince you to go before all the pieces get stolen?

Lego? Count me in
Lego? Count me in


P.S. Here’s a life hack from personal experience. In case your car seems to be driving but sort of in a weird way. Take it off the parking mode.


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