Drone Obsessed

It’s really hard for me to write right now because I’m extremely sad. And there will be an important life lesson in this post. We’ll talk about moral standards, human integrity, and the code of conduct. Not really. We’ll talk about drones.


You heard it right – drones, as in this thing.


And I’ve had a mostly, relatively, healthy obsession with drones for a while now. It all started with one of my friends flooding my Instagram with these insanely awesome videos of places he filmed from way up high, using his drone. And at first, it was just waves of jealousy, well intended waves of jealousy. Let’s call them that for the record. Until, one day I woke up with a really determined thought ‘I need to have this’. I wasn’t so sure in my life since…since ever. I don’t even have a good analogy for this. So then I confined in my significant other of this peculiar new passion of mine, to which he gave me a stinky eye. However, to his benefit he did say that he has one of the earliest versions, old drones, and he’ll let me have it. That’s not exactly what I had in mind, but I settled for that, knowing in my heart he’ll come around soon enough, and also developing an evil plan on how to trick him into buying the drone I want.


This whole idea got shelved for a couple of weeks because adult stuff happened, and I had to go be an adult. Whatever. Until, last week, Sunday, I was sick with a cold, feeling really icky, lying in bed, under concerned watch of my significant other, and in a weak voice I hollered that ‘I could really use a drone, right about now.’ And he must love me or something, because he found and gave me this .


Which in retrospect is really a piece of garbage, but I spent the whole day frolicking with it anyway. And then my evil plan was coming to fruition because the rest of the day we spent watching videos of, and about drones. The real, cool, professional ones. And then we had a question, so I texted my Instagram drone friend, and conveniently enough he was selling his Phantom 3 drone, and we just needed to buy it. At that point, even my significant other was on board.


The deal occurred this past Friday. We took the little fella home, named him Tom, and almost killed one of the cats by launching it home. Saturday morning, we woke up early, and drove to a perfect destination for the open air launch– abandoned psych ward. Because we’re weird like that. And we got there, fired it up, and I got to fly it first, because my man is a gentleman, and also because I might have yelled something about ‘you better, goddamn, let me try it first’ on our way there.

And it was amazing. The controls were easy to figure out and use (hello, you’re reading about a chick flying it), the drone was really stable and responsive, and the view, the birds view from above, people. It doesn’t get better than that. Unless they’ll make human flying drones. That will totally be better.


So, anyway, I’m not sure what would happen to us if the batteries didn’t die. We might have spent the whole day at it, until collapsing from dehydration or something. We did end up recharging and launching it two more times the same day. Below is the link to the youtube channel where we’ll most likely be posting all of our awesome videos. Or stay tuned until further announcements.


You can tell we’re new to this thing by how wobbly the camera still is. We take an official vow to get better. And you can be sure of that too, because we already talked about planning our next vacation based on where it would be cool to film using the drone. Slightly obsessed? I think it’s safe to say so.


P.S. I also, went to visit my newly arrived niece on Sunday. And although she’s not a drone, but Jesus Christ that child is adorable. She makes the weirdest faces, and she seems to like me so it’s twice the amazing. Can’t wait until I can spam my social media outlets with drone videos AND her pictures. Now, that will be a one confusing feed.


P.S.S Also, I wrote that I’m sad at the beginning. Because I am. This morning instead of playing with drones and babies I had to go to work. Not fair.

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  1. This is really beautiful drone footage! I can’t blame you for being obsessed. Thanks for sharing!

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