Don’t get too relaxed

This has been a crazy week, you guys. Both good crazy, and bad crazy, and it’s kind of confusing. I feel mostly just sent, emotionally drained. So I’m going to spit it all at ya, and leave it at that.


I’m going away tomorrow for the next week. So you won’t hear from me during that time. Unless, I miss you so much, I pop in here. Which is highly unlikely since I’ll be on vacation, enjoying my own damn self. No offense. I’m going to Israel. Again. For some reason. I’m actually going to a family wedding. And I’m so looking forward to it, since I just love pompous gatherings of complete strangers. Not really. Also, to make things more interesting I’m not Jewish, yet I’m visiting this country for the second time already. Well obviously, I’m gathering intel. Or more like it’s complicated. So wish me well, and hope I don’t embarrass us by falling on my face or something.


It seems like I have a roommate now. One of my closest friends is going through a family feud, so  she’s staying with me for now. And I’m actually selfishly glad about it. Because we get along really well, and since my special other is away on business a lot, I do get lonely. But I won’t anymore. I’ll have my bestie with me at all times, and we can have pillow fights, and braid each other’s hair. It’s like college days, but better. Because we’re not under aged anymore, and can buy all the booze we want. We are totally responsible adults, otherwise. Also, I’ll finally have food in my fridge, because she’s more of a person that’s into having food in the fridge. Maybe I will even start having healthy breakfast. It’s a wild world we live in.


I’m getting a promotion at work. Regardless, of how I come across here, I’m actually like really smart, you guys. And it’s not random, or unexpected because I have been working my ass off for this. And finally seeing this come to reality makes me satisfied, of course, but also depleted. Like I’ve been holding my breath for so long, and just breathed out. Which is probably exactly the state of my mental world. And I’m not sure how this is going to go down because I’ll be taking on new responsibilities.  And maybe I’ll just fuck everything up. But for now, I’ll be proud of myself for like two minutes. Before I start worrying about something else next.


I will be back with silly anecdotes of my trip, so don’t get too relaxed here.

P.S. Watch The Path TV series meanwhile. Seriously worth it, I went through the first season over the last weekend, and almost forgot to go to sleep.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t get too relaxed

  1. I hope at the wedding they have something to eat besides hummus. And that you see another double rainbow. And that you come back well rested to take on the big responsibilities of your new promotion. I’m sure you gave them plenty of warning you’d be taking a vacation and they decided to let you have a break before things get really crazy.
    And I hope you have a stopover in Reykjavik so you can add Iceland to the countries starting with “I” you’ve been to.
    Christopher recently posted…A Werewolf Problem In Southern Indiana.My Profile

  2. Congrats on the promotion AND the holiday, and I hope you found your bed okay.
    Whoops that rhymed. I am reciting accidental poetry to you, possibly because I ignored your advice and got too relaxed. Stay safe, have heaps of safe adventures and see you after you get back.
    Michelle recently posted…Bloomin’ Fantastic!My Profile

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