Do you know what sweaty eyeballs feel like?

Remember that day when you were excited to see temperatures climbing up? Well, that day is gone and over and now comes the day when those temperatures turn you into a complaining, sweaty, sad, little person.  You’ve probably went on that camping trip, and seen fireworks on the fourth of July, got a sunburn, went to visit that friend with a pool and experienced enough mosquito bites to place you in a limbo of waiting for this heat to be over with. And Christmas holidays seem very appealing now. And maybe even Halloween. And the whole summertime excitement is overrated anyway. All in all, you know the feeling.


You might be still making weak attempts for some outside activities, as we did this weekend. We went to the newly furnished Brooklyn Bridge Park. This used to be a completely unappealing industrial zone. And now it’s a park. It’s like magic. Probably more like a lot of funding and hard work but I prefer to think of it as magic.


It seemed that a lot of people shared my idea of the magical status of this place, as every available inch on the pavement was squirming with a live person on it. You would think it was the architect’s idea to make a park out of people. The heat and close proximity to other people had a slight feeling of hatred in the air that no amount of breeze could take away.


The park was supposed to be featuring some interactive art pieces. We elbowed through some sweaty people and found one.  I give it the status of decent because I got to have split personalities.IMG_20150726_134725


After which we retreated, found a park with a sprinkler thingy and declared it to be the highlight of the day.IMG_20150726_141132


Then we had some food. Because food can fix all the problems in the world. Except obesity, I assume. Made another park-visiting attempt. This one was in Queens and was also meant to feature some sculptures (Socrates Sculpture Park). And it did. Like three of them on a 4 by 4 space and it was difficult to imagine who came up with the name park for the place. More like – tiny piece of land with stuff. But it was nearly empty and that made it into a cherished spot on the planet.


And yes at certain times it felt as if your eyeballs were sweating. Maybe they were little tears of desperation. I’m not sure.


P.S. I just found out that New York has Cooling centers. I’m dead serious, actual quote ‘Cooling centers will be open Wednesday and Thursday from 8am to 8pm.  Please call 311 to find a Cooling Center near you.’ I challenge somebody to check it out and share the experience.

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