Chronicles of a Boob – because your life was missing this

The Booblet’s book is here, people! I mentioned a few posts back that a fellow blogger has done the ultimate challenge and dream of many bloggers, and has written enough cohesive words to be compiled into a book. And I was provided with Advanced Reader Copy, because I’m advanced like that. Which I am. I’m like really into social media, and can Google the answer to literally anything. This was also a great honor, or liability, or probably both because imagine if it turned to be pages and pages of eloquently assembled phrases about a girl, and meaning of life, and cruelty of the world, or some shit like that. And it wasn’t.

Chronicles of a Boob…by the way I’m not getting paid for any of this reference which I probably should be, but since I think Karen McCool is like poor herself, I won’t stress it. The kindness of my heart. So anyway, Chronicles of a Boob follows a personal story of a woman living through the ongoing cancer scare, hospital visits, medical procedures, insurance scams, you name it. She also plans her own funeral throughout the book, a lot, in great detail. She also does not die at the end of the book, so consider this like a spoiler alert. I hear you: say no more, shut up and take my money! If that’s not a great vacation read, I don’t know what is.

But even if you’re not really into cancer, this book is funny in a way that will have you laughing real hard. Like your-life-is-depending-on-it laughing. Like some-spitting-saliva-might-be-involved laughing. Like you-just-quit-your-job-and-got-drunk laughing. You get the point. Also, this last reference might have been too specific. I would go as far as compare this book to those of Jenny Lawson’s. And if you’re not familiar with those, then I can’t even.

You’ll be also pleasantly surprised by some high-tech linkage in the electronic version of this book. Meaning all the glossary and footnotes can be looked up by simply pressing on the highlighted word. So on top of the entertaining material you’re also getting magic. Sort of. It could be very true that this part alone took longer to create than writing of the actual book. Also, I might have enjoyed the “Old Ass” Glossary way more than it’s intended target audience. No shame in laughing at old people.

In conclusion, I have an obvious biased position towards this book. So, be a suspicious asshole, buy the book, and prove me wrong. Or don’t be tricked by my clever decoy, and buy the book out of your own good will. Or if you don’t know how to read/lack a complete sense of humor/have unresolved childhood issues with electronic books/suffer from fits of hatred toward female authors – then you’re probably off the hook. You may return to the sports channel now.

Anyways. Here’s the link again. Hope you’ll enjoy this book enormously much, same as I did. And you know what? Share the feedback with me directly. That way we can either ask her for a sequel, or organize a public burning of her book.  I’m down either way.

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2 thoughts on “Chronicles of a Boob – because your life was missing this

  1. I told Karen that it read like a Jenny Lawson book, and she was all modest and humble and shit, and now I can be like, “SEE!!!!!????? Somebody else thinks so, too!”
    For real, she is legit funny. She’s not if-you-squint-and-turn-the-book-sideways-then-it’s-funny funny, which, unfortunately, too many “humor” bloggers are. She’s the real deal, and I’m going to be super pissed if she doesn’t take your glowing review as a sign from the universe to pursue a full-time writing career.
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    1. Amen sister! Let’s bully her into a full-time writing career.

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