Cherry blossoms, Easter, and Trump is still our president

Happy Easter to all people whom this applies to. Because I’m assuming I have a devoted Christian following. Obviously.

And my Easter weekend was great. That is relatively speaking, and more on that to follow.

Firstly, I haven’t had much time to blog lately, and it doesn’t seem like that will be changing soon. So I’ll do it, when I do it. Because that’s a solid plan, without actually being a plan.

Anywho, the weather seems to be warming up finally, and it’s a good thing. Except for all the wardrobe adjustments that now need to happen for ‘when it’s nice out, and freezing in the office’. Because I’ve been known to keep a pair of socks at the office, because progress and AC is good, but I like keeping my feet better. But on Saturday, we decided to go to a park and check out the cherry blossoming trees. Cuz them things are pretty no matter how cynical you are. And we decided on a Fresh Meadows park in Queens because apart from trees, they also score a huge ass globe. And that’s like a bonus.


But the trees were there, and for an extra special spring picture I decided to climb onto one. For an added springy effect.

No trees were harmed in the process. Also, surprisingly nobody arrested me.

Then we just wandered around, and did park thingies: like we looked for four leaf clovers, and threw pine cones at each other, and made fun of this statue.

Then we got hungry, and decided on a Ramen soup because it was still chilly out, and Korean neighborhood was like right there. And they obviously had Japanese cuisine in a Korean neighborhood because that’s just New York. Sheng Ramen served us some spot on Ramen, and even the cooking lady came out of the kitchen, and fussed over us like we were her favorite children. It was great.

On Sunday, I had previous arrangements to go to church with my family. And I’m not a devoted church-goer, but I make an effort for my family at least few times a year. And I mostly try to make it towards the end because two things: they always make holiday masses super extra long, and secondly, as I told my dad, it’s practically the same thing every year. I’ve listened to it enough times to know what happens. I might be going straight to hell. But this year, they changed the schedules on me, and started early. So by the time I arrived the whole this was over. I literally missed the biggest Christian celebration that happens once a year. And I was super bummed. But then who goes around changing schedules without changing the script for thousands of years. I’m going to hell two-fold.

Anyway, after receiving some well-deserved scolding from my family, we had a nice dinner together. Because that’s the important part, to be able to come together regardless of disagreements, or differences, or Trump being our president. Which he still is, and I can’t even.


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One thought on “Cherry blossoms, Easter, and Trump is still our president

  1. I took a vacation day on Friday and someone asked me if I was off because of the holiday. I said, “What holiday?”
    So if you do happen to go to Hell look me up.
    Christopher recently posted…Coming To America.My Profile

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