Chelsea, Art, and free intoxication

IMG_20150508_113706[1]Now apart from Brooklyn, this fine city has another four boroughs. And one of them, arguably, might be even more familiar to some than Brooklyn. Yes, I’m implying Manhattan. The place where we all imagine ourselves living whenever we say we’re from New York. But when asked to specify where exactly, we say ‘Brooklyn’ – and people respond ‘Oh’. And ‘Oh’ it is. But let’s be frank, who needs Manhattan with its overrated glamour, pompousness, and grandiosity at all times of day and night. Well, anyone who can afford it. But I can’t, so I’ll keep on saying Brooklyn is the best place to live – a perfect balance of places to visit, and quite streets to wander in without having to speed walk at all time. For if you walk slower than 10 miles per hour in Manhattan – you’re a tourist. (in case you’re wondering how fast 10mph is, the average walking speed is 3mph (I looked it up)).

This rather all over the place entry was meant to say that I went to Manhattan the other day. Not just any place, but Chelsea region. Those of you who don’t immediately go ‘oh cool, how was it’, are right on track with me. For the first time of my long years of living in New York (The Brooklyn part of it), I was introduced to the artist’s area of Chelsea. Where many galleries are situated, with a free-of-charge entrance. Better yet, wait for it… served with alcoholic beverages. Also. Free. Of. Charge. What’s next you say, rainbows and unicorns? It might as well have had those.

I do not know how this gem of the city escaped me for such a long time. But it did. And I had a lot of catching up to do. I needed to quench the cultural void that turned out existed in me, and was yearning to observe something like a barcode hanging on the wall (for that is exactly what the first gallery was displaying).

[After some thoughtfully deliberation, I will not be providing you with any of the artist names. With the lack of appreciation for art I seem to be displaying here, I’m avoiding potential law suits.]

On the bright side, my other thirst was getting satisfied as well with lightly-alcoholic beverages (which by this time, you should know I adore). So, I was ready to look at whatever they’d throw at me. And throw they did – some boards (not actually thrown, but nailed to the walls), some barcodes (as I mentioned), some ultra-disco light fixtures (this one wasn’t bad, and it had beer as opposed to wine), some fluffy trees made out of fluffy material, and other stuff that was not retained by my brain.

All in all, it was great. Do go, dress bohemian, wear glasses, and try to look smart. One more trick, whatever the exhibition – give it a faraway, examining look, then approach it really close and look at it again. You will fit in, guaranteed.

P.S. A rather unfortunate circumstance, not one of the galleries had a bathroom. So do plan accordingly.

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