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I had a friend recently who got upset because based on the name booklynite, she was expecting this site to have something about books. This one’s for you, upset friend. Coincidentally and luckily for everyone involved, I do read books. And I even have one of them things:


I will share with you on my latest obsession, which would be Charles Bukowski. Now I’m not a literary critic, so don’t take everything I say here to heart. Take only some of it. But I will tell you this guy became my favorite right after Dostoevsky. A sort of modern day Dostoevsky with the lack of higher education and really bad manners. Make what you want out of that. Born in Germany, lived in LA, died in 1994. His writing contains a lot of, what one would call, crude scenes describing the life of an alcoholic, who hates his job, and participates in plenty of sexual intercourse. I know. You can thank me later.

I started off with his book ‘Women’, which should not be read if you’re a romantic or under the age of 18. Loved it. And then watched everything there is on youtube about him, documentaries, his interviews, and readings. For that’s what you do in the 21st century.

Since Bukowski is mostly considered a poet, that is what he called himself and toured this country as, you will mostly find a lot of his poems. Which are great, don’t get me wrong. But I have always had an issue with poems. I was never able to comprehend how one can just sit down and read them at leisurely paste one after another. Being somewhat if a poet in disguise in the past, I know that each line is a child of special labor that requires individual attention. After a poem, especially if it’s a good one – you need to pause, think about it, reflect on life, and suddenly remember to pay that electricity bill. For that reason I despise poems. Not because of the electricity bill, but because they’re non-readable in practical life. Bukowski has some prose. I read all of that, but mostly skidded through his poems. Although, one line did stuck with me ‘you’re either too fat, too thin, or nobody’ – probably because I was losing weight at the time and thought ‘oh, I’m definitely too fat and NOT a nobody’.

As I mentioned, I watched everything there was to watch on Bukowski, and got fascinated by his twisted views on life. I won’t be able to identify them for you mostly because I incorporated them into my thinking and present them as my own. So be like me and plagiarize. Bukowski has a tone of quotes that are perfect for FB statuses.

P.S. Here’s a starter for you below.


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