Champagne during a hurricane, or how to celebrate your birthday in style

This Sunday we celebrated my Wednesday Friend’s birthday. And you know I was determined to make it because I drove from Pennsylvania to Long Island to Brooklyn to New Jersey. And you might think this seems a bit excessive, but it was so worth it in the end. We were going on a boat ride with our favorite mad captain that I wrote about here and here.

First of all, we came prepared. With balloons. Because boat trip or not, a birthday celebration is never complete without balloons. But then a disaster stroke! We lost them at the parking lot while waiting to board. You might think an ominous sign that could have stopped us.

It didn’t. Call us the brave ones.

And off we went on a private boat ride around Manhattan, with music, and champagne. I could probably just stop here. Needless to say, it was pretty goddamn awesome. And maybe just the tiny bit ironic with Irma tearing through the South America. I’ll be honest, I did feel a sense of unease that could have been boarderline guilt, but it’s not like me being sad would help other people to be sad…so I just had more champagne.

At one point I had a real epiphany moment. You see, a long time ago I used to work in Downtown Manhattan, or rather slave away full time whilst attending college full time. I did happen to have a nice view of the Hudson River, which you think would be soothing. It pissed the living life out of me instead. Because I could see ALL these people on boats, and yachts, and jet skies cruising around, enjoying their sweet time. And I hated them with a vengeance. Now I was that person. I was that person (if only this one time, for a special occasion, with a group of people who chipped in, but still). And  then I wandered what being that person means, and if I feel any different, or any happier, or how many people are hating me right now looking through their windows. I never finished that thought.

Because I got distracted by this magnificent view of the Brooklyn bridge from underneath. Also, I get distracted fairly easy. And it’s a sight to behold, you guys. The genius, and beauty behind engineering such a complex structure way before Google was a thing. Think about it, people who built this did not have access to YouTube, which means they had to use books, and their brains, and imagination. I don’t think I can cook make myself a sandwich without a quick refresher anymore.  Anyway, this was it.

Then we made a pit stop, and cooked, and ate, and drank some more, and even made a Mannequin Challenge video. For no good reason at all, but it came out pretty bad ass. And I’m hoping I can link to it here.

If this won’t work, then find it on my Instagram feed.

And then at one point, captain’s second mate pulled out a guitar, and sang happy birthday to my friend. Using a guitar. On a boat. In the middle of industrial New York scenery. I mean, seriously #mindblown.

So do yourself a favor, and hire the Mad Captain for whatever your occasion. Hire him without an occasion. Also, I’m pretty sure he gets offended when you call him the Mad Captain.

Message Viktor for affordable rates, and unforgettable memories.

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